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Three Valuable Interior Renovations for Winter

SONY DSCThe months and weeks leading up to winter are traditionally a time of preparation. This is, of course, not relevant in a tropical location where the weather is warm throughout the year. But in New Jersey, and other states where summers and winters are two very different seasons, preparing for the colder months is a necessity of life.

Having your home “winterized” is one of the most common measures taken. People also tend invest in furnace upgrades when winter is near. If wood is used as a source of heat, it has to be stockpiled and the fireplaces/woodstoves cleaned and prepared. Imperishable foods are often stocked, and different clothes come out of storage.

What about home renovations? Since winter is something we live with for three, four, sometimes even five months out of the year, are there any home renovations that make winters easier year after year?

There are several things you can do to “permanently” strengthen your home for the winter months. Here are three of the most common.

  1. New windows and doors

Homeowners are often unaware of just how much energy is being “sucked” out of the home through aging windows and doors that no longer create a good seal against the cold. By upgrading to modern windows and doors throughout the home, you’ll create a far better seal. The result? You’ll trap in the warm air, keep out the cold, and give your furnace a break. The monthly heating bills will reflect savings for years to come.

  1. A better roof

Just because your roof isn’t leaking water (or snow) doesn’t mean it isn’t leaking air. Old or poorly installed roofing can really take away from your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners are often amazed what a difference it makes when they finally invest in upgrades for their roof.

  1. Improved insulation

Poorly insulated areas of the home —attics and basements, just to name to examples — can lead to significant energy losses throughout the colder months. Getting the right insulation, and having it installed by people who really know their stuff, is going to save you money in the long run, plain and simple.

Saving on renovation costs

Winter is also a great time to undertake “ordinary” interior renovations, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is because prices often jump higher in the spring, when the weather is warming up and people want to enjoy their renovations for summer. It’s often possible to get lower renovation rates during winter months. How would you like to save cash and achieve your renovation goals before spring even arrives?

Finding the right people to help you prepare for winter

If you’re considering winter renovations, the most important measure you can take (aside from doing your homework) is consulting a highly reputable home renovation specialist. There are professionals out there who have no shortage of experience when it comes to winter home renovations of all types — and this experience will prove invaluable when it comes time to make your renovation plans into reality.