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Three Things People Forget When Renovating Their Kitchens

It’s human nature to be afraid of forgetting an important detail. People are always searching their memory for something they may have forgotten. When you go on vacation, you worry about leaving the stove on, or the front door unlocked. There are a million different variations of this. The point is, we know that remembering important details serves us well — often in ways we can notice.

So what about kitchen renovations? We see TV programs and read articles about them all the time. Kitchen renovations are a trendy subject, and probably always will be. The average kitchen remodel in America costs around $20,000 — so it makes sense that people (and the professionals they hire) would put a lot of thought and energy into bringing these plans to fruition.

The thing is, many kitchen projects suffer from poor planning. And when things aren’t planned in a meticulous way, problems tend to develop down the line. Here are three of the most common oversights when setting up a kitchen renovation:

1. Finding the Best Contractor

This is something that’s been stressed many times, but the fact remains: Many home renovation problems can be nipped in the bud by contacting the right specialist upfront. Having to ditch one contractor in order to bring a real professional onboard is a costly development.

2. Giving Yourself Enough Storage

Focusing on counter space, flooring, and even back splashes is all well and good — but remember, a beautiful kitchen without enough storage is not as beautiful as it could be. Make sure your kitchen functions beautifully by giving yourself ample storage space. Consider “open” storage shelving in addition to (or even in place of) closed cabinetry. Hanging storage is also a remodeling consideration.

3. Trends Come and Go

Don’t make the common mistake many homeowners have made in the past: That is, buy completely into renovation ideas that have only recently (within the last year or two) become popular. Sure, certain of these renovations might be a great idea for your particular home. But if you ever plan on selling, it’s important to consider how your renovation choices may affect your home’s market value. There are certain principles of renovation that are considered highly bankable or “timeless.” They may not be the right choices for your home, but they’re certain worth taking into consideration. A good home renovation specialist should be able to give you valuable feedback on what kind of “staying power” your renovation ideas have in the market.

How to succeed in your next kitchen makeover

There isn’t really a ‘magic bullet’ for successful kitchen renovations — but if there were, it would probably have to be ‘finding the right contractor.’ The most experienced and in-demand kitchen renovators have a reputation for making their clients’ projects successful in every way, from staying on budget to accomplishing that flawless, well-designed finish. Knowing a little something about kitchen renovations before making contact with renovation companies will give you better chances of finding a good match.