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Three Advantages to Skipping the Used Home and Building New

We all know the value of buying used goods; and in many cases it is a very good value. Used cars, for example. It’s definitely a slot machine of sorts, but if you do your research and try to purchase your vehicle from a reputable source, chances are you’ll get a great value for your money. Online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist find new homes for used goods every day, and in a huge number of cases, both the buyers and the sellers are happy with the results of the transaction. Garage sales and rummage sales have been a part of our culture for a long time — long before services like eBay and Craigslist were ever available.

When it comes to homes, we don’t often think of them in terms of “new” and “used.” But that is exactly the decision many home buyers have to make. Should we invest our resources in a used home? Or should we invest them in something custom built for us? What are the advantages of moving into a brand new custom home?

1. That brand new feeling

There’s nothing like moving into a freshly built home. It’s all your own, from the design right through to the finished results. Nobody has ever lived there before; you are the first. Some people actually feel uncomfortable with this feeling, but if you really start living in (and enjoying) the space, it will quickly develop that “lived in” quality — while still seeming new. Ask anybody who’s done it: Living in a home built for you is definitely a unique and rewarding feeling.

2. Guarantees

One thing about buying a used home is that you don’t have much in the way of a guarantee. But home construction contractors understand how much is at stake, so they naturally how compelled to guarantee their work and to actually perform it in away that will make repairs unnecessary. The guarantee is both an assurance for the buyer and a statement of confidence on the part of the contractor.

3. Your own design

How many times have you been in another home (perhaps an AirBnb rental) and thought: This is not how I would have designed this space! What could these people have been thinking?

The truth is, design is somewhat subjective. Being able to really come up with your own space is priceless. Granted, for almost everyone, this involves choosing from different ideas and concepts in magazines, photos and professional layouts. But there is always a creative process of deciding how you want your interiors to be spaced out, and how you want them to function. This is exciting for many homeowners.

The right home builder?

That’s the next big question. If you do decide to invest in a brand new home for you and your loved ones, choosing a builder is the most important task ahead of you. The only logical place to start is to look for builders in your area with solid client reviews, good reputations, informational web sites, and modern equipment to get the job done. Service and communication are also really important elements.

Even if you choose a used home (which is of course practical in many cases, especially in larger urban and suburban areas), all of these principles hold true when it comes to home renovation!