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Is There Such Thing as a Foolproof Remodeling Project?

Every homeowner wants a safe investment — especially when that investment involves thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Home remodeling is one area when people try to maximize their value and avoid all major mistakes. Whether people are remodeling to sell or simply to expand and improve their at-home lifestyle, the stakes are high.

But is it really possible to have a foolproof remodeling project?

The answer, of course, is no — but it’s possible to get very close! When it comes tackling a home renovation project, consider the following factors that can help ensure a successful and seamless job.

Written Guarantees

Before you begin working with a contractor, it is imperative to get a contract and guarantee in writing. Any contractor who doesn’t issue contacts with strong written guarantees is probably not worth your time. Make sure to read the contract carefully to ensure that it covers all aspects of the job at and is written with enough specificity to be clear about the expectations of the job.

Most remodeling warranties will also cover damage that is incurred (or becomes apparent) within one year after the job is done. It isn’t uncommon for a contractor to have to return to the site to make minor adjustments, or touch up caulking that may have cracked after it fully dried, so make sure that this is included in your guarantee as well.


It sounds simple, but it’s true: Your best bet against a poorly executed renovation project is to hire an experienced contractor. It’s important to find an expert that has specific experience with the type of job you are doing. While many contractors work on all sorts of home renovation projects, the skills needed for converting an attic are not necessarily the same as those needed to gut and replace a kitchen. Don’t be afraid to ask both about the amount of experience that a given contractor has with a particular job and to see recently completed jobs of this nature that a contractor has done.

Customer Service

When it comes to home renovations, customer service matters almost as much as workmanship. When issues arise or some aspect of the job is not to your liking, you want to have a contractor that will communicate with you in an open and honest way. There is potentially nothing more frustrating when it comes to home renovations than working with a contractor that won’t give you the time of day or who withholds important updates about the progress of a project.

Choosing a Qualified Remodeling Contractor

At the end of the day, there will always be room for unexpected delays or mistakes when it comes to home remodeling. Do your best to avoid these, though, by hiring a qualified contractor for your remodeling job. When choosing between several prospective contractors, look for experience remodelers who offer writing guarantees for their work. Don’t forget to ask for references or read online reviews to get a sense of what kind of track record a given contractor has for workmanship and customer service. While it’s impossible to ensure a perfect and painless remodeling experience, it’s worth taking the time and doing the research to get as close as possible.

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