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Six Signs of a Reputable Home Renovator

The importance of being prepared can hardly be stressed enough, whether it’s a job interview, an important exam, or a home renovation project. Again and again, we see that preparation leads to success in countless aspects of life. A lack of preparation, on the other hand, results in big problems down the line.

When people plan home renovations, they might not realize that finding a quality home renovation company is a crucial part of the planning process. By selecting a reputable and experienced contractor, you are effectively “planning” for success in all aspects of your project, from developing your ideas to signing off on the final result.

So how do you succeed with this important element of planning? How do you locate a reputable home renovation contractor in your area? You might start by looking for the following six traits in every home renovator you consider.

1. High client ratings

Clients who have actually put money on the table and hired a specific contractor to do a specific job are your number one source of information on the reputability of that contractor. Try and distinguish the “odd” negative review from situations in which a pattern of negative feedback emerges.

2. Clearly organized web sites

The best contractors want to educate and support their clients in terms of home renovation work. A web site with plenty of good educational information is a positive sign. Basically, when a contractor puts more care and thought into its web site, they’ll put more care and thought into your renovation project.

3. Professional and articulate support staff

Nobody needs to be greeted by rude, curt or incompetent staff. Reputable contractors protect their reputations by hiring and training high quality employees who are happy to answer your questions and discuss your renovation projects.

4. Proper vehicles and equipment

There are no small number of “moonlighters” out there who simply don’t have the best tools and equipment. This would be fine if it didn’t affect your final results — but it does.

5. Years of experience in the business

An experienced contractor (one with 10+ years in the field) has seen hundreds or even thousands of renovation projects, and has navigated many tricky situations. This is the kind of the prowess you want when it comes to your project.

6. Written guarantees

When push comes to shove, you’re putting a lot of money into this project. Like any serious investment, it should be protected. Reputable contractors will be happy to give you peace of mind with a written guarantee built into the contract.

Hitting the nail on the head

Choosing the right renovator is like hitting the nail on the head. Many potential problems will be solved when you sign with a company who knows how to avoid misunderstandings, solve problems before they become serious, and navigate each unique project toward the best result. Set your home renovation project up for success by laying solid groundwork with a reputable, experience contractor who works hard to deliver the best service and workmanship. You’ll be glad you did!