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How to Know If My House Was Remodeled

Due to the scope of work, house remodeling is usually the only option for most people looking to resell their properties. When done correctly, paying attention to details and precision, house remodeling can produce incredible results. The house can even look better than new houses. Remodeled houses should be cheaper than newly built ones. For this reason, you should know how to check if a house is remodeled. This article gives you tips on how to do exactly that.

  • Fresh New Paint

There is no complete renovation without wall repainting. Walls are the second-largest parts, after the floors so any house remodeling work is far from over if the walls are still dull and faded. After setting your foot in a house you are about to buy, the first thing that should give you an impression of a recent house remodel is the fresh new paint on the walls.

beautiful white room in a newly remodeled home
The paint may not smell because the remodeling was done way before you came in, but it should be sparkling clean and spotless. As you check out for fresh paint, it is important to identify if it was done over dirt and dust because may people may miss this important bit.

  • Floors Are Even

Even though they are the biggest part of the house, majority of homebuyers do not pay attention to the floors. Uneven floors not only look unsightly but also they are a sign that the house remodel was done incorrectly. This means there may be other more serious issues within the house and this is a major concern. Some of the red signs in uneven floors include warping and buckling on hardwood floors, and funhouse effect on laminate floor where you can feel some parts rising up and down as you walk around. However, for an even floor, you will not feel any of this and if it is the tiles, they will be correctly lined and grouted.

  • Major Systems Are in Good Working Condition

Major systems like vents, roof, gutters, and the HVAC can help you tell if your new house was remodeled. This is because no matter how good or expensive some of these systems are, they are prone to forces of wear and will need maintenance and repair at some point. If they are in great working condition, it is a clear indicator the house was previously remodeled. To tell if the HVAC is working properly, check if the filters are clean or clogged. If the ceiling is in good condition and spotless, then it means the roof is in perfect shape.

  • Bathroom Features Are Properly Installed

For most homebuyers, it is very common to be blinded by the new bathroom floor and features. However, these should not dupe you into thinking that the remodel was correct. Instead, check for the small details in features. The taps and bathtub studs should be tightly closed. The p traps and valves should be carefully cut out and trimmed. The features and fixtures should be the same model across the bathroom. If these things fall into place, then you can rest assured that the house was perfectly remodeled.

  • New Fresh Finishes

Another important bit that should tell you the house was remodeled is a new and fresh finish on surfaces and doors. You can tell if the finish is new by just looking at it; it should be shining and sparkling clean. You should also be on the lookout for finish done over dust. If the new finish feels rough, then it was done over a coating of dust and this serves as a warning for other serious underlying issues in the house.

  • Kitchen Appliances Working Perfectly

The next important area to be serious with when doing your inspections is the kitchen. The countertops and surfaces should be sparkling with a new fresh finish. The range hood should be clean and working perfectly. The appliances like the fridge and the stove should be functioning in the best manner possible. When it comes to the cabinets, they should be sliding in and out quietly with just a nudge. When all these are in order, then you know that the house was remodeled correctly.

Signs of a remodeled house are not enough to give you a clean bill of health of the house you are about to buy. You may never know about some details no matter how close you look. To clear your doubts, hire a house inspector to help unearth any underlying issues you may have overlooked.