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Roofing Contractor in Belmar, NJ – Since 2003!

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Roofing Services in Belmar, New Jersey

Why worry about the roof over your head any longer or put off the strengthening of your existing roof.  J.A.Y Construction is here to assist you with any of your roofing needs in Belmar, NJ.   Our reputation in Belmar, New Jersey is stellar and we have dozens of testimonials from past customers to prove it.  Even if you are not exactly certain of the scope of your entire problem or would simply like to have your roof inspected for durability to make sure its current condition will get you through the winter season, we would love to serve you.  We are happy to come out and assess the situation and give you an honest, free estimate.  Whether you are ready to get started soon or you are just beginning your research, you’ve come to the right place.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you and always feel free to reach out and contact us.  Let’s begin!

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High quality roofing services by J.A.Y Construction  Proudly serving Belmar, NJ since 2003!

Your new roof can only be as strong as the materials used.  Period.  This is one reason that J.A.Y Construction will not compromise on materials even if it saves the customer a little bit of money.  It simply isn’t worth the headaches that poor materials create for the customer.   We are NOT the cheapest roofing contractor in Belmar due to this fact, but homes in Belmar, NJ are beautiful and worthy of correct home improvement practices.  Quality products are rarely the cheapest and your roof protects so much, it is best to do things the correct way.  Now, we do have options for materials and these will be fully discussed when we visit you. 

One of the great things about our roofing services is that we are very efficient, so while we don’t cut corners or take shortcuts, we do optimize our time due to the experience we have and the professional manpower that we utilize.  Our crew has been together for many years and no time is wasted.  Be careful when choosing the lowest-priced contractor.  There will be reasons this is the case.  Cheap roofing contractors cut corners on materials, workmanship, and labor.  We will not operate this way.  

Belmar can experience some wild weather.  We all remember Hurricane Sandy, but even though that event is rare, Nor’easters are not and beyond rain and water, your roof in Belmar must withstand the extreme wind.  Wind often can be worse than rain and wind gusts of 60-75mph are annual events on the Jersey Shore.  Make sure your roof is built to withstand much more than this.  J.A.Y Construction will make sure it does! We are emotionally attached to the outcomes that we provide so that all the expectations and questions are always answered to the best of our ability.

J.A.Y Construction is a family-run business and every project includes the owner, John Yannariello being directly involved and on-site. Our reputation is very important to us and that is good news for our clients as your happiness and satisfaction is paramount.  You have many options when choosing a roofing service so please do your research in Belmar, New Jersey!  J.A.Y Construction does not outsource any of our jobs so that we always have complete quality control and will take ownership of every project’s result.  

During your free consultation, we will discuss the entire scope of your project, what is involved, timelines, budgets, and options. There will be no pressure, just an honest discussion and clarity.  There is no roofing problem that we have not seen or will not be able to solve for you.  While not cheap, we are budget-friendly and even offer in-house financing should you request it. We are fully insured and bonded, and your roofing project will be handled professionally and with great respect to you from start to finish.  After your new roof has been completed, our clean-up will leave your home and property spotless.  We’re looking forward to working with you!

Roof Repair in Belmar, NJ

Many times a damaged roof or leaking roof can simply be repaired and does not require an entire roof replacement.  We will give you an honest assessment of your current situation so that you can make wise decisions for yourself and your family.  No roof lasts forever, but maybe it has some life left and the project can be delayed.  But please understand, we will not delay the replacement of your roof if we honestly feel that it is no longer safe for you or your family.  We will make recommendations based on facts, not an agenda.  We will do our best to keep costs under control as we are sensitive to budgets, but we will not jeopardize our reputation to do it.  We do offer an 18 month 0% interest financing option if you qualify.  

A damaged roof from heavy debris falling on it during a storm in Belmar or water damage from a leaky roof can cause all kinds of problems especially if that water starts coming into the home or interior walls.  A strong durable roof is worth the investment.  Materials and craftsmanship must be tip-top.  We understand that emergencies occur and need attention NOW.  We are experienced with working with insurance companies as well as managing costs. Many times the cost of the roof is covered.  We stand by our word, our work, and our clients.  From the roof truss to the roof eaves, you’re never more than a phone call away from finding help for your home.  J.A.Y Construction will be by your side.

In Belmar, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

We are familiar with Belmar Township and all townships throughout Monmouth County, NJ. Leave the permit process and other approvals and codes to us.  We will follow all guidelines, regulations, take no shortcuts, and are environmentally sensitive.  Our cleanup after your roofing project will make you wonder whether or not we were ever even there. With the exception of a beautiful new roof, it will be impossible to tell.  Trucks outside your home for weeks will also NOT happen.  We are efficient, courteous, and environmentally sensitive. We will protect your properties’ beauty. 

We not only want you to be proud of the new roof when finished but also be happy that you chose us and hopefully will want to share the news with friends and family.  We get a large portion of our work through word of mouth due to the pride we take in our work.   

Our customers appreciate this about us.  We will remove your stress and solve any roofing problem you may have.  Please do your research, check us out and be picky when selecting roofing services in Manalapan and throughout New Jersey.

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