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Roofing Contractor in Silverton, NJ – Since 2003

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Roofing Services in Silverton, New Jersey

If you’re thinking about repairing your roof or you’re in the market for a completely new one, the team from J.A.Y. Construction appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goal.

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We understand all too well that when people are seeking a roofing contractor in Silverton, NJ, there are a lot of options out there. But you can trust J.A.Y. Construction because we have long been building roofs and repairing for many decades. While we are more than proud of everything that we do here at J.A.Y. Construction, we always give our customers the opportunity to tell us what they need first so that that trust can be built up built between us from the beginning. We will then go out of our way to ensure all your questions are answered to the best of our ability.

Our completed work has long been our most effective advertisement and our favorite business card because we’re so proud of our solid reputation and great customer service. In fact, it’s the cornerstone our business and we do all that we possibly can to ensure we maintain it. We will leave absolutely nothing to chance when we’re working on roofs, which is why we always finish on budget and on time. We love all of our customers, so our priority is to meet and exceed all possible expectations. And the good news is that you’re now only a phone call away from getting a new roof installed!

Roof Repair in Silverton, New Jersey

Unlike so many other contractors these days, J.A.Y. Construction will always manage all construction and repair phases of your roof project. In other words, we don’t ever rely on subcontractors to do any of our work so that we will always have complete control over quality, safety, and price. We have been providing a trouble-free service for many decades, where we design, install, repair, and maintain all kinds of roofs, while exceeding all realistic expectations. That means you’ll have complete confidence that your roof will have been built tough, durable, and strong no matter how bad the weather gets!

John Yannariello, who is the owner of the family-run business, will be involved with each job directly for J.A.Y. Construction, which significantly reduces the chance of problems. We also remove any doubt or confusion by answering questions and explaining everything that you need to know during your free initial consultation. We are fully insured, totally bonded, and there’s literally no roof layout or set up scenario which we haven’t worked on. This means that your roofing project will always be handled professionally with care from start to finish. And once your new roof has been constructed, and your job is complete, our clean-up process will ensure your property will be spotless.

It’s always very important that roofs are built durable so that they last as long as possible, so the materials used in the construction process are critical. Because no matter how qualified the roofing contractor may be, the roof will be substandard if that’s the standard of materials they use. That’s why we always take into account things like humidity, moisture, and other weather-related issues, as well as roofing angles and materials.

Dependable, On-time, Roof building and roof installation services in Silverton, NJ

When you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Silverton, NJ, it is crucial that you are able to trust whoever you let work on your home. That’s why you should always make sure you check examples of their past work to ensure the business you plan on dealing with really is as good as they say. We also advise getting endorsements before signing anything, which is why we always have plenty available upon request. And always remember that any offer or quite that looks too good to be true, almost always will be. So ask an expert like J.A.Y ConstructionS for advice.

Any roof from J.A.Y. Construction will be made to last. When we build and repair a roof, we know that you want it to look as good today as it will in many years to come. That’s why if we see any problems during installation, we’ll repair at cost, if we can. Or, if the problems with your roof were caused by an act of God or another catastrophe caused by nature, we’ll work directly with your insurance company on your behalf in an attempt to help you reduce the total cost to you. Often the cost of a roof repair or replacement is covered 100%. We will do what we can to solve your roofing problems, to make your project go as smooth as possible, which will ultimately save you money. We stand by our clients, as well as stand behind our word and our work.

In Silverton, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

We always comply with all relevant regulations, guidelines, rules, and laws when we are building or repairing a roof anywhere in Silverton, New Jersey. We’re willing to help you every step of the way because we know how it all works in every township in New Jersey, so you won’t even have to worry about getting permits or building schedules. With every roof project, we are mindful of the environmental impacts of imported products and that protecting the environment benefits us all. That’s why we always ensure we have an environmentally friendly footprint.

Unfortunately, not all roof builders and home improvement specialists are the same. That’s why we would only recommend that you deal only with a roof contractor who is reputable, insured, bonded, and experienced like J.A.Y. Construction! We’ve always maintained a professional and high-quality level of work, and our hardworking and knowledgeable roofing team of experts always go that extra mile for our clients to ensure that each project is a stress-free experience.

We’ve worked on all different types and styles of roofs for many decades now. So, the J.A.Y. Construction team will always ensure they’re repaired, serviced, or built tough to last as long as possible. That’s why ongoing issues are always extremely rare with the work we provide our clients and you can have confidence that your roof will withstand whatever storms or wild weather comes to your home.

We’re extremely proud of how many past clients that have been completely satisfied with our work. When we finish working on your roof, our hope is always that you’re so happy with what we’ve done, you will rush out and tell your friends all about us. That’s how we’ve been able to grow our business consistently over the last few decades. So here we are. We’re here ready and waiting, just looking forward to working together with you!

Silverton is an Ocean County community of New Jersey, that’s bordered by Brick Township to the north within the north-eastern area of Toms River Township. It also comprises the surrounding Silver Bay area which includes Green Island.

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