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Roofing Contractor in Seaside Heights, NJ – Since 2003

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Roofing Services in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

J.A.Y. Construction has been planning, building, servicing, repairing, and modifying roofs in the Seaside Heights area in NJ for decades. We know all too well how frustrating it can be dealing with dodgy company who palm off your work to an even dodgier contractor. This is why the company owner and founder John Yannariello, is directly involved at all times with every single project no matter how big, from small repair jobs to massive roof installations. And because we are a family owned and managed company, we’re always extremely grateful for the opportunity to provide high-quality roofing services to our clients.

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In fact, because we always view our customers as our highest priority, our roofing team only ever carry out the highest quality of work. We believe that the work we do is the best possible business card or advertisement. So, whether you’ve already decided that your old roof needs to be repaired, you want a whole new roof installed, or you just need some roofing questions answered, we’re always available to discuss it with you. Then we can begin drawing up your plans with our promise that we’ll finish your roofing job in Seaside Heights, NJ both on budget and on time.

Check out all of the glowing reviews on our website which have been written by our many satisfied customers. Not only does it show how reliable we are at J.A.Y. Construction, but also how hard we work for our customers, and that we genuinely love our trade. So, if you’re ever in the need for some roof repairs or modifications, or even a whole new roof install in Seaside Heights or the surrounding area of New Jersey, simply pick up the phone today and call J.A.Y Construction

Roof Repair in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

At J.A.Y. Construction, we offer that old-fashioned customer service that’s sorely missing from other companies. We love our clients, and it obviously shows. We’ll build a roof for you that will last, which is one of our main goals. Because we know that you have many options available for roofing contractors in Seaside Heights, NJ. This is why we always stand by our history of high-quality roofing jobs that we’ve done for our satisfied customers. We take so much pride in the planning, maintenance, repair, and build of every roof that we work on. So when you hire our team at J.A.Y Construction’s, you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll look after you, your roof, and whatever else you need.

We listen to our clients so that we understand their specific requirements, so that every query is answered, every concern is explained, and all problems are taken care of. We make sure to clarify everything with you during your free initial consultation so that we can help reduce any stress about your roof. And as we are a completely insured and bonded roofing contractor in Seaside Heights, we never take short cuts with any job, which includes the cleanup process afterwards so your property looks immaculate.

Dependable, On-time, Roof building and roof installation services in Seaside Heights, NJ

J.A.Y. Construction know that your roof needs to look good today, and also needs to continue looking good over the long term. That’s why every roof we build or repair will always be made to last. If we notice any other issues with the roof, we always repair it for you quickly if we can, at no extra charge or at our cost. If your roof damage was obviously caused by what an insurance company calls an act of God, our staff will discuss it with them directly on your behalf in order to reduce your total cost. Sometimes the total cost of a roof repair or replacement is covered 100%. We always go out of our way with extra services to solve our client’s roofing problems, so each project goes as smoothly as possible, and saves you money. We as stand behind our work and by our word for all of our customers as well.

Like all robust structure that must be built to last, using the strongest and most durable materials right from the start is always extremely important. Not just that, but the look, feel, style, quality, and proportions must also be the most appropriate for your roof. That’s why we always plan and design everything correctly by considering all aspects of your job. We check possible weather issues in Seaside Heights such as high humidity or low temperatures, while making sure all of the roofing angles are right, so that we don’t waste time or money.

In Seaside Heights, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

Whenever we’re building or repairing roofs anywhere in Silverton, New Jersey, we know we must comply with all current and relevant guidelines, laws, rules, and regulations. We know how it works in each township of New Jersey, so we help you every step of the way. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about getting the right permits or building scheduling information. We’re also mindful of possible environmental impacts of some imported materials and products, so we protect the ecosystem with every roof project. After all, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint benefits us all in the long run.

When choosing a roofing contractor in New Jersey, remember that not all home handymen or so-called “specialists” are the same. But you can trust that J.A.Y. Constructions are the most reliable, professional, experienced, and reputable team that you’ll find. With the exception of our high-quality roof work, you won’t find any evidence at all that you had tradesmen working anywhere on your property. That’s because our cleanup process is so thorough that your home will look nothing short of immaculate.

Ultimately, we’re always extremely proud of how many jobs we’ve done over the last few decades for all of our satisfied clients, and we hope that you’ll be just as happy with our workmanship, work ethic, and your roof as them. That way you will be much more likely to talk to all your friends about us. Our team of hardworking roofing tradesmen will always give you that little bit extra so that your Seaside Heights roofing job will be a completely stress-free experience.

Situated on the Barnegat Peninsula, the narrow barrier separating the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay, Seaside Heights is an Ocean County borough of New Jersey. The seaside resort community has long been a popular summer destination for many, with numerous bars and clubs along the amusement-orientated boardwalk. It’s also now become famous as the filming location of the smash hit reality show on MTV called Jersey Shore.

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