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Roofing Contractor in Forked River, NJ – Since 2003

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Roofing Services in Forked River, New Jersey

If you’re thinking about getting a new roof installed or repairing a damaged roof, J.A.Y. Construction is the team you need on your side. We’ve been installing new roofs and replacing worn-out roofs in Forked River, NJ for decades, so we are always happy with any opportunity to earn your ongoing business. Whether you need your roof work done today or you’re just doing a little research, you’re always in the best hands with J.A.Y Construction

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We provide all our clients with some of that down-home, friendly, and old-fashioned service that most people only ever get to see these days on TV. Because at J.A.Y. Construction we really love what we do, so we appreciate every single customer, and hoo boy it sure does show! You can tell that we really do care simply by reading any one of the hundreds of positive reviews written by satisfied customers on this website and elsewhere online.

Roofing construction is our trade, and we always do our trade much better than the competition because we care. So get in touch with one of our staff today if you require your roof repaired, modified, or installed in Forked River, NJ. We’re always just a call away, ready to start planning and getting started whenever you are. And we will not only guarantee that your roof is built tough to last long, but we will complete your roofing job on time, and at the quoted price. That’s because these are our biggest goals in everything we do.

Roof Repair in Forked River, New Jersey

Founded by John Yannariello, J.A.Y. Construction is family-owned, family-run, and he is always involved directly with every project taken on board. We never subcontract work to other trades people because there are no roof set ups or layouts that our team can’t handle. And all repair and construction phases of your roof will always be carried out by one our most trusted, hand-picked, and expert staff members.

J.A.Y. Construction understands you have many options available to you when it comes to contracting a company to work on your roof. That’s why we always take pride in the planning, maintenance, repair, and construction phases of each roof we work on. In fact, when you hire the J.A.Y Construction’s team, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we stand by our history of thousands of roofing jobs completed for the thousands of more than satisfied clients. And we will always be there on your roof when you need us most.

We listen to each client’s specific queries and requirements, so that all of their concerns are explained, and every one of their roofing problems will be dealt with. We ensure that everything is clearly clarified during the initial free consult in order to help reduce the possibility of a stressful environment regarding your roof. As a completely insured and fully bonded contractor, you know that we never cut corners on the job, and the process for cleaning up afterwards will ensure your property is left looking immaculate.

Dependable, On-time, Roof building and roof installation services in Forked River, NJ

We’ve been working on all types of roofs for a number of decades now, and when they are serviced, repaired, or built by the J.A.Y. Construction team will always have been built tough to last long. That’s why ongoing problems are so extremely rare with all the work we do. You can have confidence that our work is strong enough to withstand all kinds of storms and wild weather that comes your way. We’re here for you, and you can rely on our word, because we stand by the work we carry out for all of our happy clients.

Like every important structure that needs to be built to last, it’s always extremely important the most durable and effective materials are used right from the start. The look, quality, style, feel, and even the proportions must be correct, so we always take the time during the planning and design phase to consider all aspects of the job. We look for issues with weather like high humidity, check the roofing angles are correct, and purchase the correct materials so that there’s no wasted money or time.

If we find that your damaged roof was caused by something like an act of God, we’ll contact your insurance company directly and discuss the possibility of reducing the cost of the repairs to you. Or if there is something during the repair is faulty on your roof, we’ll always quickly repair it for you if we can at no extra cost. There are just more examples of how far we are willing to go for our customers.

In Forked River, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

With all roof repairs or construction projects, J.A.Y. Construction will always be mindful that some imported products can have a negative impact on our environment. That’s why we do our part for our environment when we work on a roof by following all current rules and regulations for sustainability to guarantee the lowest possible footprint. In fact, apart from the newly repaired or installed roof, there won’t be any other evidence of tradesmen being onsite at all.

When you’re deciding on a contractor to work on your roof in New Jersey, remember that not all so-called roofing “specialists” or home handymen are created as equals. J.A.Y. Constructions, on the other hand, are a reliable, reputable, professional, and experienced roofing team who you can trust. When we are working on your roof, we aim to leave you so happy with all that we have done that you will tell your friends all about it. We’re extremely proud of how many past clients that have been completely satisfied with our work, which is how we’ve been able to steadily grow our business over the last few decades. And we fully believe that you will become one more of them.

Ultimately, J.A.Y. Construction has always been professional and top-quality construction company because we abide by all relevant rules, regulations, laws, and guidelines when working on roofs in Forked River, or anywhere else in New Jersey for that matter.

And you never have to worry when it comes to dealing with paperwork like applying for permits because we do everything that’s needed on your behalf. Our hardworking team of roofing experts will always go the extra mile for all of our clients to ensure that your roofing job will be as stress-free of an experience as possible.

Forked River is located within Lacey Township, just south of Toms River on US Route 9. As a part of Ocean County, New Jersey, Forked River was built on the river mouth of the same name which empties into Barnegat Bay. The communities surrounding Forked River include Lanoka Harbor to the north, Waretown to the south, Bamber Lake to the west, and Barnegat to the southwest.

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