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Roofing Contractor in Point Pleasant, NJ – Since 2003

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Roofing Services in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

J.A.Y. Construction has been planning, building, servicing, repairing, and modifying roofs in and around the Point Pleasant area in NJ for the last few decades. We know just how frustrating dealing with a dodgy company can be when they palm off your job to an even dodgier sub contactor. That’s why founder and owner John Yannariello, is always directly involved with every project, from little repairs to massive installs. As a family owned and operated company, we are always extremely grateful for any opportunity to provide our high-quality services when working on your roof.

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After reading through reviews written by the countless satisfied customers on our website, you can certainly see that we always listen to our customers at J.A.Y. Construction, and hopefully give us the chance to do all of your roofing business too. Because we genuinely love what we do, we work relentlessly for our customers while providing some of that old-fashioned customer service that is often missing from other roofing businesses these days.

Everyone knows that quality workmanship is the most effective business card, which is why our main goal has always been to construct roofs that are consistently built tough, so they last the test of time. When you want an adjustment, restoration, or s brand-new roof installed anywhere in Point Pleasant or Ocean County in the greater New Jersey area, simply pick up your cell phone and call J.A.Y Construction and the team today. Then you can rest easy, because you know that our professional tradesmen will soon be there working on your roof. We can start drawing up plans and getting started on your dream roof as soon as you are.

With so many roofing contractors and companies out there, we stand by the thousands of happy clients with completed roofing jobs because we take pride in our work. Whether you have some questions about roofing in general, or you need specific roof repairs or replacement, we guarantee that we will finish your job on time with a total price that’s always on budget.

Because we are a bonded and fully insured roofing company, we never cut corners when you make the decision to hire our team, and the job is never complete until we finish our cleanup process. We also take the time to clarify everything we discuss with you during your free consultation, because in our experience, it’s the easiest and most effective method of reducing your stress levels. Ultimately, our aim is always to not only meet your roofing expectations, but to exceed them because our customers have always been priority number one at J.A.Y ConstructionS.

Roof Repair in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Choosing a roofing contractor who cares is critical if you want a roof that has been built to last. So, you should start by asking to see some examples of their previously completed work at some time during the negotiation stage. Your roofing contractor should always think about the quality, durability, proportions, and style of materials at the start of your job, because purchasing the incorrect ones will usually cause problems with high humidity or other weather events. Remember that if the price seems overly cheap for the roofing job you need, you’ll usually end up finding out the hard way that some contractor prices are that cheap for a reason.

Dependable, On-time, Roof building and roof installation services in Point Pleasant, NJ

Due to our commitment to quality and our strong work ethic, we can say proudly that ongoing issues with roofs we work on are extremely rare, even decades later. That’s because whenever we notice problems when we work on a roof, we always attempt to repair it while we are onsite at no extra cost if we can, unless parts are needed. Any roof installed or serviced by J.A.Y. Construction almost always lasts longer, regardless of the original condition of the roof. Plus, when damaged roofs are caused by acts of God, we always work with insurance companies directly on your behalf so we can look at reducing the total price. That’s just one more example of always going the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy with the quality of service that we provide. Our clients know that we are always ready to work on roofs in Point Pleasant and the rest of Ocean County in NJ. We always keep our word and we stand by our workmanship at J.A.Y. Construction, because we hope that you will stand by us.

In Point Pleasant, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

When you need roof installations or repairs in Point Pleasant, NJ, we recommend dealing with a contractor who is experienced, qualified, and reputable, as well as bonded and fully insured. Our professional and knowledgeable tradesmen at J.A.Y. Construction are incredibly proud of the workmanship we provide with every roof we work on. Just remember that not all roof builders and home improvement specialists are ever created equal.

All of our staff at J.A.Y. Construction are mindful and conscious of how some products can have a negative impact on the environment. We guarantee the most environmentally friendly footprint possible because for every new roof construction or repair project, we always do our part by following all currently recommended sustainability guidelines. You’ll struggle to see any evidence at all that tradesmen were on your property, with the exception of the quality workmanship on your roof, because our thorough cleanup process will leave your home looking immaculate.

J.A.Y. Construction are a professional roofing company focusing on top-quality workmanship of the highest standards, so when we work on your roof, we follow all of the relevant local and federal guidelines, rules, and regulations. When you need roofing work done anywhere in Point Pleasant or neighboring New Jersey cities and towns, you don’t have to create any permit applications because we do all of that on your behalf.

We are super proud of every job completed over the last few decades for happy because when people are delighted with our work ethic and our workmanship, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends about their experience. And because word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers help our business grow steadily in ways that advertising never could, we will strive to ensure that you are just as satisfied with our work.

Often regarded as a Jersey Shore summer resort, Point Pleasant is a borough situated north east of Beaverdam Creek and south of Manasquan River in Ocean County, New Jersey. The Lenape Tribe of Native Americans used the area around Point Pleasant as a ceremonial meeting place around the 1500’s which they called the “Land of Tall Timber”. Then sometime around 1665, the first Europeans started settling in the area around Point Pleasant, most of whom were farmers, fishermen, or boat builders.

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