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Best Roofing Services in Lacey, New Jersey

When there’s an issue with your roof, the last thing you can do is wait. That’s why residents in Lacey, New Jersey go with the best roofer Lacey trusts. Here at J.A.Y. Construction, we take pride in being able to provide expert services for any and all roofing issues.

J.A.Y. Construction strives to be a different kind of contractor. We’ve been serving Lacey, New Jersey since 2003. Founder and Owner, John Yannariello will be by your side. We know you have many options when it comes to finding and working with a roofing contractor.

You can count on us to use industry-leading tools and equipment so that your roofing project is on point for years to come. Each of our roofing services is available to both commercial and residential customers. Our team cares about you having a genuinely safe and secure roofing system over your head.

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High quality roofing services by J.A.Y Construction  Proudly serving Lacey, NJ since 2003!

Whether J.A.Y. Construction installed your current roofing system or not, we have the experience and training to complete the repairs you need on any type of roof. From minor fixes to complete overhauls, our Better Business Bureau-approved roofers have what it takes to improve your property.

We’ve seen firsthand what happens when an inexperienced roofer tries to tackle a big job, and unfortunately, there are many contractors out there who advertise roofing work but don’t have the training to get the job done right. Luckily, our team specializes in construction defect repairs, so if your last contractor provided substandard installation or used materials that were flawed in any way, we’re happy to step in and make things right.

Roof Repair in Lacey, New Jersey

Certainly the more affordable option, roofing repairs will definitely solve your roofing problems. How long it will solve your roofing problems is another question. Here are some instances of minor and moderate roofing damages where we would recommend a repair over a replacement.

Missing shingles: After a strong wind, you may find yourself gathering shingles that have been strewn across your yard. Before repairing the bald spots with new shingles, be sure that you have a professional check for any underlying damage that may have occurred. It’s important to keep in mind that shingles will fade in the sun over time, so it can be tricky to match your new shingles to their surroundings. If you’re a perfectionist, you may want to look away for this repair!

Patching or partial reroofing: It’s possible to repair just one section of your roof that has been harmed. Partial reroofing is appealing to homeowners as the price is lower, the project is much less invasive than a whole new roof repair, and it will solve any contained issues your roof may have. However be aware that, as with replacing shingles, it can be difficult to match patchwork repairs to the existing roof.

Trustworthy Roof Installation Services in Lacey, New Jersey

Our Lacey, New Jersey roofing installers combine high-quality installation techniques with stylish shingles to make a roof as durable as it is beautiful. For all of our installations, we use best-in-class roofing materials from nationally-recognized manufacturers. That means our shingles are weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and long-lasting, while still being affordable.

There are a lot of reasons that your roofing may fail. Old roofing materials suffer from exposure to the elements, which over time, causes shingles and roof coatings to deteriorate. Without active maintenance, roofs are at risk with ventilating homes and keeping homeowners protected from the elements. Leak bearings and flashings are essentially keeping moisture from intruding into sensitive frames and hips. The slopes on roofs ought to keep rainwater from traveling down, instead of infiltrating into attics. Over time, attic condensation can rot roofing materials and cause dangerous mold infestation in homes.

This is why hiring a reputable roofing contractor is paramount. With the help of J.A.Y. Construction, homeowners can rest easy knowing their homes will never experience mold and roof leaks. If your roof is experiencing structural problems due to moisture or rot, we will walk you through the basics of roof installations.

Contact Local Roofing Contractors In Lacey, New Jersey

J.A.Y. Construction is Lacey, New Jersey’s go-to roof repair and roof replacement contractor. We are the local source for high-quality roofing services. Our customers trust us because we have two decades of experience roofing homes, inspecting and repairing roofs. They also trust us because of our A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and because we have a perfect track record with all of our previous projects.

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