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A+ BBB Rated Roofing Services in Bay Head, New Jersey

When there’s an issue with your roof, the last thing you can do is wait. That’s why residents in Bay Head, New Jersey go with the best roofer Lacey trusts. Here at J.A.Y. Construction, we take pride in being able to provide expert services for any and all roofing issues.

J.A.Y. Construction strives to be a different kind of contractor. We’ve been serving Bay Head, New Jersey since 2003. Founder and Owner, John Yannariello will be by your side. We know you have many options when it comes to finding and working with a roofing contractor.

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J.A.Y. Construction offers assistance with any type of roofing question, problem, or concern. Our expert contractors offer homeowners help with selecting the perfect roofing material and other products that will extend the life of the roof. Our residential roofing services are available to homeowners in Bay Head, New Jersey.

Local Roof Repair Company in Bay Head, New Jersey

Are you on the hunt for reliable roofers who can assist with your Bay Head, New Jersey roof repair? If so, you’re in the right place. J.A.Y. Construction is known for offering superior roofing services in Bay Head, New Jersey.

In many cases, certain delays, though, can cost homeowners. If the community experiences a string of extreme thunderstorms, residents realize how vulnerable their homes can be with damaged roofs. Waiting for fixes could mean hours of water rushing through the decking and into the attic. For flat roofs, the increasing moisture always goes straight through the ceiling drywall.

If you neglect your roof repair, here is what could happen:

  • Leaks – The first adverse effect of neglecting your roof is that your roof will most likely begin to leak, and once it starts it only gets worse. Even small blemishes in the roof that are noticed but ignored can lead to a larger roof repair down the road.
  • Increased Energy Bills – Another short-term effect of neglecting your roof is increased energy bills. The same holes that let water leak through also let your cold air out in the summer and hot air out in the winter. By allowing holes to exist in your roof surface without repairing them, you could be paying significantly more on your electric bill every single month.
  • Nullified Insurance – Your insurance company may require you to report damages as soon as they are noticed in order to get the claim paid for. Putting off roof repair might void your insurance policy.

Emergency Roof Repair Services In Bay Head, New Jersey

Emergency Roof Repair Services In Bay Head, New JerseyOur Bay Head, New Jersey roofing installers combine high-quality installation techniques with stylish shingles to make a roof as durable as it is beautiful. For all of our installations, we use best-in-class roofing materials from nationally-recognized manufacturers. That means our shingles are weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and long-lasting, while still being affordable.

If residential roofing installation is in fact the service you need, what benefits can you expect from having a new roof installed?

In Bay Head, NJ, we are sensitive to the environment!

For one, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and protected from the elements.

Not to mention that a new roof can do wonders for the curb appeal of your property. This is an advantage especially if you wish to increase its value in preparation for selling it. In fact, the return on investment in a new roof can be just as high as a kitchen or bathroom remodel (if not higher with our 50-year non-prorated, transferable warranty).

Even if you plan to stay in your San Diego home for the foreseeable future, though, a new roof can give you more pride in the place you live!

Contact Local Roofing Contractors In Bay Head, New Jersey

J.A.Y. Construction is Bay Head, New Jersey’s go-to roof repair and roof replacement contractor. We are the local source for high-quality roofing services. Our customers trust us because we have two decades of experience roofing homes, inspecting and repairing roofs. They also trust us because of our A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and because we have a perfect track record with all of our previous projects.

We look forward to speaking with you shortly. Contact Us today!

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