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Your Renovation Project: How to Choose Between Multiple Bidders

Any good renovation process should begin with the process of researching contractors in your area, discarding the ones that obviously aren’t right, and focusing on a number of potential bidders. But let’s say you’ve already done this, and you have multiple bids on the table. How do you find the best one? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make a choice.

Which one has the best reviews?

Researching the experiences of past customers is a crucial part of the process when considering any contractor. People have hired this company in the past, and invested hard earned money into their renovation. What where the results? What was the communication like? How about scheduling and time frame? Did the final results meet or exceed expectations, and has the renovation work stood the test of time? Scanning reviews for answers to these questions is a crucial part sorting quality bidders from dubious ones.

Which one has the best contract?

When you compare contracts from different contractors, the one you sign should depend heavily on what kind of written guarantee is offered. There are plenty of home renovators out there who are willing to give you verbal guarantees, but don’t be fooled: A written, contractual guarantee is the only thing that really protects your investment, and obligates the company to follow through on its promises.

Which one has the best price?

The question of pricing and budget is always on people’s minds as they set out on a home renovation quest. Materials and labor are expensive. National statistics show a wide range of costs for home renovations, from lows around $3,000 to highs of $140,000 or more. This obviously depends on the extent of your plans, but finding the best price is always a factor, no matter how big or small your project. The trick is to balance your bargain-hunting instincts with the reality that the lowest bid doesn’t always represent the best value. Many budget contractors turn out work that ends up costing homeowners more down the road.

Which one has the most experience?

The question of experience is supremely important in the world of home renovation contractors. Even a small project, such as a new entryway or storage renovation, represents a serious investment on the part of homeowners. Nobody wants to put such an investment in the hands of a renovator who is just starting out — or even worse, has been in business for some time without finishing very many projects. Finding a contractor with a track record of success is important for your peace of mind, and your prospects of realizing a successful result for you own project.

It’s not just about the results

Of course you want your renovation to come off as planned, and you want the work to last a very long time. But the service aspect of your renovation experience — and your peace of mind throughout the process — is also really important. Don’t settle for a contractor who meets just one or two aspects of your criteria. There are companies out there who routinely exceed expectations in every important way — it’s must a matter of finding them!

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