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Should You Renovate Before Moving into Your New Home?

Few experiences in life are as exciting as the moment you buy a new home. Here’s your chance to reinvent your lifestyle and move forward into a new phase. It’s your chance to redefine your personal tastes and create that special environment for you and your loved ones called “home.”

For a lot of people (especially first-time homeowners), the process of shopping for and ultimately buying a home is long and arduous, including a great deal of research and discussion. By the time the deal is actually closed, you’re packed and ready to go. You can hardly move fast enough. You’re eager to start your new life.

But hold on a second — you’ve just made a big, important investment in a new home. It’s tempting to move in right away and take what you get, but what if you took a different approach? What if you did some renovating before you moved in, to make your new home that much better and more attuned to the lifestyle you want?

Many homeowners find themselves asking these questions. The idea of renovating before you move can itself seem very sensible, especially if there are a few things about the property you know aren’t working for you. And if you’ve come in under budget with the home itself, and find yourself with some extra savings or extra cash from the bank, you might think it’s a good idea to address these issues now, before you have the inconvenience of actually having to “live” around them.

These are all common issues and questions to be having at such an important moment. In our experience, however, we find that people have better results when they hold off on renovation plans until after they move into the home.

There are a number of reasons for this. First, the experience of living in the home gives you a greater sense of what you like about the place and what you don’t — what issues really need to be addressed first, and what issues can wait. For example, you might not like the downstairs bathroom and decide to renovate ahead of moving in. But then, after you move in, you might realize there are other, more pressing renovation issues that you no longer have the budget for.

You might also realize that your original home renovation plans weren’t really necessary and that you’re happy, for the time being, the your existing interiors.

In any case, the experience of living in your home gives you a much clearer sense of what you would like to renovate, and what renovations are a priority. There are certainly “fixer-uppers” that need definite renovation work before the space is even really livable. This is really a different type of situation with a different set of considerations.

Guidance and professionalism

No matter what your home looks like when you buy it, and no matter what kind of renovation plans you have (either now or in the future), it’s important to have a strong and experience voice who can offer best practices and guidance on your renovation plans. That’s where finding an exceptional home renovation contractor can be of enormous value.