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What Happens If You Get Caught Remodeling Without A Permit?

Over the course of your life, you will want to remodel and change some things within your home. It could be you want to renovate your basement, or you would like to give your bedroom a new facelift. Once you have these thoughts, then the most important part kicks in, which is acquiring a permit.

A permit is not just any document. It is a critical document when you want to remodel. Permits conditions and requirements vary from city to city but, in all, it is imperative to have a permit. In this article, I will take you through the benefits of having a permit and the consequence that follows when you do not have one.

Benefits of Having a Permit

Permits do exist for a reason, and their main reason is for safety. The highlight of getting a permit is that safety is guaranteed.

Home planning and preparing.

In addition, not only does a permit give you safety, but it also reviews your plans by sending inspectors to check if everything is going, as it should. As much as permits, come with many expenses, you should consider some long-term effects if you do not get one. An example is when you hire those contractors who do a shoddy job, and they cause irreversible problems. For this reason, with a permit, you get the benefit of your contractors being checked and ensuring they do what is right. Furthermore, without a permit in place, buildings crumble to the ground because of substandard concrete, and people get affected in the process.

Consequences of Remodeling Without a Permit

Most people skip the permit process because it can be a nuisance. From paying a lot of money to applying and waiting to acquire it. However, not having a permit has far-reaching consequences. Below are the consequences of building without a permit.

  • Safety is Not Guaranteed

There is nothing as important as your safety being assured. Many people might argue that, but it is just a small project nothing big. Regardless of the project, safety is needed. You might think a small project has no safety issue but you will be surprised to learn that the latter can put your whole life and your family’s life at risk. A clear example is when it comes to electric work. Electric work is crucial in any building, so you would not want any random person to mess with its wiring and installation.

  • City Penalties

When the city finds out an addition to your basement, or an addition to your tax returns when an annual property assessment is done, then your luck runs out. A fine will be placed on you, and it is not cheap, but a fine that might cost you more. For example, a fine goes up to $500 depending on the penalty one has. In addition, if they discover the building after you have completed the work, they will still find a way to ask you to apply for a permit.

Problems Acquiring a Loan

For people paying mortgages for their homes, you should know a permit has a vital role in it. If you want a loan for your house value, and you need an appraiser to check it out, then the issue of remodeling without a permit comes. The bank might turn down your loan and disqualify you because of remodeling without a permit. This can be terrifying especially if you needed the loan for something important. Also, before buying a house, ensure that you buy one that has permitted work. This is because, once your mortgage company finds out, they will ask you to pay back the loan immediately.

Resale Value

Let us say you want to sell your house after a renovation, and you did it without acquiring a permit and managed to go through it. Still, some consequences will catch up with you. Most buyers want houses that have gone through permits, hence reducing the value of your house. The buyer might decide to buy at a lower cost because of the unpermitted work. Thus, you will end up with less money than you expected.

It is always important to follow instructions as they pay off in the long run. If you are planning to remodel your house, then consider getting a permit. A permit comes with lots of benefits that you did not know you needed. If you are not taking it, then gauge the consequences, and check if you will be able to fight them.