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Should I Remodel My Own Bathroom or Hire a Professional?

DSC03768When potential buyers inspect a home, bathrooms are usually a strong point of interest. That’s because bathrooms are such an integral part of everyday life. They’re also important in terms of hosting guests. People like to enter a bathroom that’s well-designed, clean, functional and attractive. Walking into a particularly shabby bathroom, on the other hand, is not such a pleasant experience.

Bathroom renovations are therefore very important to the functionality and marketability of a home on today’s market. Most homeowners will end up thinking about some form of bathroom renovations, whether they’re thinking of selling the house or simply want to improve their everyday lifestyle. And when the subject of bathroom renovations comes up, people are bound to ask themselves whether DIY is a viable route, or whether they should definitely leave it to the professionals.

Answering this very important question will hinge on two additional questions every homeowner should ask when considering bathroom renovations.

1) How big is the job?

The idea of renovating your bathroom can mean a lot of different things. You could be talking about a few new fixtures and some tile repair work—relatively simple tasks. You could be talking about replacing fixtures such as sinks, towel racks or doorknobs. You could be talking about removing a bathtub and installing a modern shower stall. There are many possibilities, each requiring different skills and levels of ability.

You can visit any number of home improvement sites and watch instructional content on how to accomplish basically any task. Many of the people demonstrating the work, however, have years of experience under their belts.

So what’s the truth of the matter? Basically, tasks that fall on the “easy” end of the bathroom remodeling spectrum are typically fun and rewarding DIY projects, provided you have some basic know-how. As you move up the spectrum, however, things quickly get much more difficult. Mistakes also become more costly. Many homeowners get in over their heads in this way, and end up calling a professional to fix mistakes and put the project back on track. This adds cost and stress to the equation.

It’s also important to be realistic about results. If you’re looking for a truly professional finish, you might not be able to achieve it without expert help—even if there are no major mistakes.

2) Are you experienced with carpentry, construction and/or home remodeling?

If you’re one of the many American homeowners who already have several minor remodeling projects to your credit—or if you’re someone who has worked in the remodeling industry at some point—DIY offers many advantages. It’s fun, and completing the job gives you a great feeling. In some cases, it may even save you money.

The reality is, however, that relatively few people fall into this category. Most homeowners are busy with other jobs and professionals, and therefore lack the training to execute a detailed, complex renovation project—from planning and measuring, to working around existing infrastructure, to installing fixtures and leaving the bathroom with an impeccable finish. With a bathroom renovation specialist, you won’t have the pleasure of knowing you completed the job with your own two hands—but you will have highly dependable results—provided you work with a reputable contractor.

Reaching your bathroom renovation goals

If you’re wondering whether it’s smarter to tackle a bathroom renovation job yourself or pay a pro to handle it for you, asking yourself the two questions above can ultimately lead you to the correct answer.

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