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How to Rejuvenate the Exterior of Your Home

What’s more important to you as a homeowner — having a home that looks great from the outside, or having all of the functional things in order first, and worrying about appearances later? Obviously, in a perfect world you’d have both. But renovation budgets don’t always allow people to do everything they’d like to do at once. Projects have to be carefully chosen according to various priorities.

Fortunately, there are some renovations that serve practical purposes while upgrading the exterior of your home, so you get better curb appeal and a sturdier home to boot.

1. Install new windows and/or doors

A lot of people don’t realize just how much windows and doors affect the overall appearance of the home. They seem like minor details, but when you replace them, the difference can be truly surprising. New windows and entryways can drastically increase the curb appeal and overall appearance of the home — and that’s not even the main reason to consider them. They can also save you money on energy, as warm air is prevented from leaking out when the temperature drops.

2. Pressure wash your siding — or install new siding

The siding of your home is probably the main element in the overall exterior appearance of your property. Over time, no matter what kind of siding you have, it will take a beating. Wind, dirt, sun, heat and cold will all take their toll. The good news is, it might be largely a surface problem. A nice long pressure washing can take care of a lot of that buildup, and restore your siding to a much better, much newer appearance. Even difficult or long-standing stains can often be done away with using a pressure washer.

Washing doesn’t always do the trick, however. New siding is a significant investment, but in many cases, it’s absolutely worth it. Siding is obviously not just an aesthetic element of your house, but an important first line of defense against the elements. Upgrading to brand new siding can solve a lot of problems if you have a big-picture mentality.

3. Resurface your deck

Outdoor decks are great, and they serve many great purposes, especially during the warmer months. But as the seasons pass, they too can grow tired and worn in appearance — and this can significantly affect the exterior appearance of any home. Addressing this problem may not be as complicated or expensive as you think. If the underlying structure of your deck passes professional inspection, you may be a good candidate for deck resurfacing, which effectively gives your deck a brand new surface and appearance, making use of the existing frame or structure.

Planning your exterior renovations

Whether you’re planning one of the projects on this list or some other exterior renovation, it’s important to have reliable experts on your side who give you straight information and deliver excellent results. Look for the most reputable and highest-rated renovation contractor in your area, and make sure to have all your questions answered before you sign any agreements. Written guarantees are also a must when it comes to exterior renovation work. Good luck!