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Open Floor Plans: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably aware that open floor plans are a big deal in the home renovation and home design world. It may have seemed like a passing trend at first, but we’re starting to see that open floor plans really do offer a level of style and practicality that works well for many homeowners. The trend has gotten so popular that in some situations, people are going “overboard” on opening up their floor plans. We’ll get to what that means later in this post, but for now, let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of having an open floor plan in your home.

1. Versatility

The idea of a “multi-functional space” is something that really is relevant in the modern age. Social media and connectivity has changed the way we think about working, studying, relaxing, and interacting with other people. The open floor plan is attractive because it creates a larger and more versatile space that can be adapted to different uses, rather than a series of small specific spaces that can really only be used for one purpose.

2. The illusion of space

It’s amazing how different the same square footage can seem, depending on how the floor plan is arranged. When there are plenty of walls in a small space, you end up with the feeling of several “small” or claustrophobic spaces. When those walls are taken out, you have a much greater sense of space and spaciousness – despite the fact that the square footage is exactly the same.

3. Possible drawbacks

We’ve mentioned that some people go overboard on the open floor plan idea, and one common way in which this happens. If you consider the average number of bedrooms in your neighborhood, you’ll find that your property value and appeal can be affected. For example, if most homes in your area have three bedrooms, and your current floor plan gives you three bedrooms, you’ll want to think carefully about removing walls that eliminate your third bedroom. You might have the open floor plan you’ve always wanted, but you’ll have a home that has only two bedrooms and is therefore “below average” in terms of your neighborhood statistics. This can affect your ability to sell or remortgage your home in the most advantageous way.

What to do next

Exploring the possibility of opening up your floor plan is exciting. Many families absolutely love their results, and feel like their home has been completely transformed by a professional home remodeling project to open up their floor plan. But there are also situations in which homeowners feel some regret, either because they didn’t plan properly or because the work itself didn’t meet or exceed their expectations. Finding the right contractor makes all the difference in terms of setting your mind at ease, and having confidence about putting your home in someone else’s hands. It’s also important that any contract you sign includes a written guarantee that protects you against faulty workmanship or other problems that could have been prevented by the contractor. Opening up your floor plan can be a very rewarding project – provided you put the time and effort in to making sure the job is done right!