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Modern Kitchen Designs of 2021

A kitchen, being the place where family food is prepared, has a special place in our hearts. For this reason, so many people are looking for ways to this area as comfortable as possible. This has consequently made the kitchen accommodative, a place where the family can chill out, while the food cooks, just like they would, in the living room. This article gives some great kitchen designs you want to consider going into 2021.

Dark Themes

For quite a while in the recent past, people are looking for ways to bring dark theme features into their lives in almost every aspect. While doing so, kitchen experts have discovered some of the most breathtaking dark-themed items. The dark theme is not only stylish and classy, but it is also homely welcoming.

White and brown wooden kitchen island
It is, therefore, no surprise to see dark cabinetry, countertops, and pantry in some kitchens. Light fixtures like sleek copper knobs, LED lights and other color pops are used to illuminate the dark-themed kitchen in 2021.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

The issue of curbing climate change has been at the center stage of every international leaders’ conference. This is because we have begun to feel the need to stand against the effects of climate change. Since we owe it to the generations to come to a better world than we found it, taking part in environmental conservation is one of the many ways to do this noble thing. For this reason, kitchen experts have now come up with vertical gardens mounted on kitchen cabinetry and surfaces where people can grow potted herbs for their consumption. A source of food is not the only benefit that comes from indoor vertical gardens; they are also a source of aesthetic appeal that adds to the style of the kitchen.

Smart Storage

The new trend in every aspect of building houses seems to be shifted towards decluttering our living spaces. This means tucking everything away from the sight, and removing only what we need, and returning to the recessed storage spaces. It is no different with kitchens. Cookware, appliances, ingredients, and other foods can now be hidden deep into the cabinets and under the countertops and accessed only when necessary. The reason for this is not just for aesthetic appeal. It also creates extra space so that the kitchen now feels more welcoming and accommodative should the family want to hang around while the food cooks. It is something that works so well for kitchens with a limited amount of space so it is a game-changer design going into 2021.

Handle Less Design

Handled items like main doors, cabinet doors, and countertop doors have for the longest time now, enjoyed favor in most kitchens. Despite the immense favor they enjoy, they too have a fair share of challenges they bring into people’s lives. For example, they always knock people’s knees off thus end up breaking often. Since they are made of metal, they are always susceptible to rust, something that requires them to get replaced. For this and many more, kitchen experts have now discovered handleless cabinets and countertops. Instead of the protruding handles, the handles are recessed into the doors, as part of the wood. This brings in uniformity, while at the same time helping declutter the living spaces. This design also saves you loads of money since you do not have to budget for the handles that you also need to replace after some time going into the future.

Green Surfaces

Green is one color that people are always in search of when going out into the wild. To make it more wild-like, and unique, some people have now decided to go green with their kitchens. Just like dark-themed surfaces, green cabinets and surfaces can be lightened up by bringing fixtures such as LED lights, color pops to add more rustic appeal.

The list of modern kitchen designs is very long since experts are working round the clock to discover new things. What used to be considered a trendy kitchen feature in 2020 is now a thing of the past, and what are now trendy designs in 2021 will be a thing of the past going into 2022. It is therefore only fair to conclude that trendy modern kitchen designs are relative to different people’s tastes and styles. For the most benefits from the design, you choose to go with, ensure to hire a certified and highly qualified contractor to work with. Otherwise, you will be in for a huge disappointment.