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Does Your Living Room Need a Makeover?

When it comes to relaxing at home, the living room wins. Whether watching TV, visiting with family, or even taking a Sunday afternoon nap, the living room is where we do a lot of, well, living.

In so many words, it’s worth it to make your living room into a peaceful, relaxing place where family and friends genuinely want to spend time. But things can get tired and stale over time. If you’re less than enthusiastic about your living room, or feel like it’s time for an upgrade, there are a number of ways to give it a facelift that doesn’t break the bank. Here are three of our favorites.

Bring in Light Colors in Similar Shades

Dark carpeting, heavy upholstering, and wood paneling can sometimes make a living room feel outdated and drab. Freshen up your look by opting for a light and simple color palette that you can accentuate with bright pillows, a statement chair, or picture frames. The easiest upgrade? Paint your walls. Choose an off white or the palest possible gray to start with a blank slate. If you’re up for a bit more of a project, replace old carpeting with hard wood floors for a classic upgrade.

Upgrade Your Lighting

When it comes to your living room, something as simple as changing up your lighting can make a world of difference. The trick is to use lights to create different feels. For example, you can install a dimmer on your overhead light allowing you go to from brightly lit to a gentle glow. Add a stylistic floor lamp next to the couch, or consider installing sconces above a fireplace. Built-in track lighting is a more robust solution that looks sleek and creates high quality mood lighting throughout the room.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

This isn’t an option in every home, but depending on your current layout, opening up your floorplan can be a great way to maximize space in a cramped living room. Removing a wall to bring your living room and dining room or kitchen together is a more ambitious project than just painting, but it’s one that can really pay off. Even if it doesn’t technically add any square footage to your home, a more open space will feel much bigger and allow you and your loved ones to spend more time together instead of in different rooms.

Finding a Qualified Home Remodeling Specialist

Ready to take on a living room renovation project of your own? Chances are you’ll want to hire a home remodeling specialist to make sure it’s done right. From small projects like updating lighting fixtures or removing wood paneling, to large projects like knocking down walls or replacing floors, it’s always smart to put your investment in the hands of a seasoned pro. Always check that a prospective contractor is licensed and has experience with your specific type of project before signing on the dotted line, and make sure that your work is guaranteed against flaws in workmanship and/or materials. Take these steps up front, and your living room project will be smooth sailing.