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Limited Space? Consider These Remodeling Ideas

SONY DSCStorage is one of the most important and underrated aspects of home living. But it’s not just about having enough storage—it’s about clever, attractive storage options throughout key areas of the home such as kitchens and entryways. Maintaining a clutter-free and visually appealing household, while always having the items you need within reach, is the ultimate goal of any storage strategy.

If storage is so important, why are so many homeowners unhappy with their storage options? Lack of storage or unattractive storage is still one of the most common complaints amongst homeowners, and people are constantly scouring the web for ways to make the most of the storage they have. Freestanding shelves, trunks, and other store-bought storage solutions are more popular than ever. Americans have a lot of stuff, but not enough room to store it.

An increasing number of homeowners are scrapping the “piecemeal” storage solutions and considering home renovation as a way to address their storage needs in a more permanent and appealing way. Let’s face it—built-in storage that is clever and abundant is more attractive and functional than assorted shelves and racks from the home goods store.

So what exactly what are people doing, in terms of home remodeling for better storage? If you have limited space at home, and you’re considering long-term solution, consider these popular remodeling projects.

1. Sliding cabinets in the bathroom

Bathrooms often become cluttered as multiple family members attempt to store and organize their items in a single small space. But most bathrooms also have “dead” space behind bathtubs or vanities. Consider a sliding cabinet that makes use of this space in a seamless, attractive way.

2. Renovate the staircase

Some staircases aren’t structurally suitable for built-in storage, but yours may be! Homeowners have had great success building drawers and cabinets directly into their staircases, turning them into assets for storage and organization. If you can’t get at your staircase from the side, there’s still a way. You can create pullout drawers from one or several steps, multiplying your storage space in very clever way.

3. Build the desk into the wall

More people than ever are working from home, and having a functional office is high on the list for many homeowners. But offices present their own storage and organization challenges. Instead of a bulky standalone desk, consider building a desk directly into the wall. This frees up space beneath the desk for storage and leg room, while creating a modern and contemporary feel. Some homeowners are even building small but functional work spaces into a cabinet with a pull-out chair. The entire office tucks neatly away when not in use.

How Good Can Storage Get?

For some people, heading to a home goods store and spending cash on freestanding storage solutions is good enough. Others—particularly those who put more of a prime on home organization—will eventually think about remodeling for better storage. The good thing is that many of these remodeling projects are surprisingly affordable, and represent a great value for the money. One things for certain: Whether the project is large or small, your best bet is to find a truly reputable company who will handle your remodeling project with care.