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Kitchen Renovation Trends to Watch Out For

Thinking about renovating your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start? A good way to get inspiration and figure out what your priorities are is to look at kitchen renovation trends. By considering what looks, appliances, and materials are gaining popularity at the moment, you’ll be able to narrow down what styles and features most appeal to you and ensure that your renovation keeps up with the times.

While there are some trends that are sure to look dated in no time at all, many others are functional choices that feel fresh for years to come. Read on for some of the top kitchen trends of the moment that you won’t soon regret.

Creative Storage Solutions

The kitchen is one place where storage really matters, particularly if you live in an apartment or have a cozy (i.e. small) kitchen. Manufacturers know this and are getting creative with how to maximize storage in the kitchen. From sleek shelving options to double tiered drawers, there are plenty of new and creative ways to make use of every nook and cranny of your kitchen space, allowing you to cook up a storm in even the tiniest of kitchens.

Technology in the Kitchen

Whether you like it or not, smart appliances are gradually making their way into more and more homes, and the kitchen is no exception. Whether it’s smart lighting fixtures, appliances you can control with your cell phone, or a hands-free faucet, many of the newest kitchens feel straight out of the future. Keep an eye out for more smart kitchen appliances hitting the market and consider choosing one or two for your renovation. Chances are, this trend is here to stay.

Quartz Countertops

Granite is out and quartz is in. Quartz is even tougher than granite and is more likely to resist scratches, chips, and stains over time. This ultra-tough material will stand up against even the most aggressive home cooks, and unlike granite it doesn’t need to be sealed every year to prevent stains. There are plenty of colors and textures available, some of which look just like the classic granite.

LED Lighting

Investing in quality lighting is a relatively budget-friendly way to make your kitchen feel special. Whether installed on the underside of cabinets or inside crown moldings, LED rope lights are easy to install and can entirely change the look of your kitchen. These lights come in a number of colors and emit almost no heat, so you don’t need to worry about damaging wood or cabinets.

Finding a Qualified Kitchen Renovation Contractor

Whether you choose to remodel your kitchen today or a year from now, a reliable kitchen renovation contractor will be able to guide you in choosing a trend-conscious style that meets your budget and kitchen needs. If you find yourself in a friend or neighbor’s kitchen that you love, find out who their contractor was. A qualified contractor is a valuable asset in making and executing renovation choices that will leave you with the kitchen of your dreams.