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Interior versus Exterior Home Remodeling: Which Should I Choose?

SONY DSCHaving the best of both worlds is always nice, whether you’re talking about home renovations or vacation spots. But in the real world, decisions need to be made. You can’t go to Hawaii and Tahiti when you only have a week’s vacation to spare. You can’t invest in backyard renovations and new kitchen cabinets when you don’t have the budget for both.

In fact, this is a common challenge for homeowners today. You only have so much money to invest in renovations, and there are major projects you want to do, both inside and outside. Where should you put your cash? Which project will be more enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable in the long term? When you do make a decision, how can you make sure you get the results you want? Whatever you choose, it’s going to be a significant investment—and the last thing you want is regret.

Deciding between interior and exterior renovations isn’t always easy, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself (and your family) to help clarify the process and make the decision you’re going to be happier with.

Is there anything you can do yourself?

When choosing between interior and exterior renovations, you might start be making a list of everything you want to accomplish, and researching which projects are suitable for DIY. These may involve an honest appraisal of your skill sets, tools, and time—but perhaps you can hire a professional to perform more difficult tasks, and undertake a few DIY projects. That way you can make faster progress on your overall vision for home renovations, inside and out.

What makes more sense right now?

Sometimes a certain renovation is simply more pressing. You may be thinking about that outdoor kitchen or deck, yet the bathrooms are in serious need of renovation. It may be a difficult decision, but focussing on renovations that are used more in daily life can help clarify where to put your resources today.

Is there a professional who can give expert insight?

Don’t feel like you have to make your renovation decisions alone. If there are major projects both inside and outside that you want to accomplish, start by gathering concrete estimates for all of them. This will give you a solid idea of what to expect, and a professional home renovator might show you valuable alternatives you hadn’t considered.

Inside or outside?

Finding a skilled home remodeling company with a solid reputation is a crucially important task, no matter where you choose to put your renovation dollars. You may want to hire a specialist who only performs very specific types of renovation; or your may prefer to deal with an all-around expert—a company who can help you steadily reach your renovation goals over the long haul. Once you find remodeler you can trust, you’ll be able to move forward with any type of renovation project—whether inside or out—and maintain a high level of confidence in terms of budget, customer services, and final results.