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How Long Can You Expect Your New Home to Last?

We often think about “shelf life” when we buy a new phone or even a new car. In fact, most purchases cause people to think about how long the item will last. But a new house, built from the ground up? This is the kind of thing we expect to be around permanently. It’s an investment that will stand the test of time, and perhaps even become an investment for some other family.

We also know that many homes are fifty, seventy, even a hundred years old. This is true in cities and towns across the country. Some of those older homes are full of charm, and have been restored multiple times. Others are not in the best shape, but they’re still standing and still functional – even though a generation or two may have passed.

The question is, can we expect the same longevity from new homes built today?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as asserting that the average home built in America today will last fifty, or eighty, or a hundred years. Barring a major event like a natural disaster or a full-scale mold invasion that makes it necessary to tear down the whole house, it will probably stay standing for a long time.

The real question is, what kind of repairs will it need – and when? You might be looking at new siding one year, new insulation the next, a new roof the following year, and so on down the line until the entire home has been replaced with new materials. The ideal state of affairs is that the home was built by a true expert builder – a reputable contractor who didn’t cut corners, and finished the new house perfectly down the last detail.

This is what translates to the best possible investment in home building, because the overall cost of repairing and restoring the home is minimized as the years and decades pass. Too many homes are built in a rushed or unprofessional way – and while they may look perfectly fine on the day of completion, they lead to much higher costs of home ownership over the long run. Anyone who is thinking about investing in a brand new home should have this “big picture” mentality.

A new home that’s truly built to last

You might be able to get away with buying a cheaper phone, a cheaper flat screen TV, or a generic brand of clothing. But a new home? That’s one purchase where you don’t want any corners to be cut. A home that’s built to last is the sum total of several things: The highest quality materials, a strong level of professionalism and experience, and a collaborative process that carefully and diligently helps the new homeowner realize their dreams. Building a new home is one of the most exciting processes out there, and it’s important to find a contractor that knows how to deliver a home that not only meets the client’s specifications and looks great – but continues to look great and perform well through the decades.