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Home Renovation Trends for Colder Climates

There are plenty of home renovation projects that are climate specific. People living in sunny southern California love outdoor additions to their homes, knowing that they’ll be able to enjoy them all year long. When it comes to colder climates, though, it’s harder to say exactly what are the most common home features that people tend to invest in.

Read on for some of the most common home renovation projects that cold climate homeowners tend to pursue. And don’t forget, that winter is an often-overlooked time for home renovations, but depending on the project can be the perfect chance to spruce up your house.

Convert an Attic

Converting an attic can be a great way to add living space to your home and is a popular choice for homeowners in colder climates. Since heat rises, attics have a tendency to be too warm for comfort. This isn’t a problem, though, in parts of the country that have long frigid winters. With a little extra insulation, an attic can make a great additional bedroom, playroom, or den in your home. And thanks to its location at the top of your house, it doesn’t always require additional heating to keep toasty.

Add or Expand a Garage

When it comes to long wet winters, having your car in a garage is a blessing. Shoveling snow after a big storm or waiting several minutes every morning for a car to warm up can be a nuisance. Many homeowners will opt to add on a garage to their home or expand an exist garage to accommodate a new vehicles.

Warm Paint Updates

When it’s cold and dark outside you want your home’s interior to feel as warm and bright as possible. Updating your paint colors is an easy way to bring warmth and light into your space. Consider warm yellows, bright whites, or even pops of red in bringing a warm glow into your home.

Gas Fireplaces

If your house doesn’t have a fireplace already, there are tons of options for gas fireplaces that can be easy additions to your living or bedroom. Today, fireplaces are relatively easy to install and come in various styles, sizes and formats to match the look and feel of your home. And, depending on their placement, a gas fireplace can be a great way to heat a room for little additional cost.

Finding a Qualified Home Renovation Specialist

If there are any projects around the house that you are thinking of taking on this winter, make sure to find a qualified and trusted home renovation company to take charge of the job. Shop around for high quality options online and compare quotes from a number of contractors before signing on the dotted line. Also, don’t forget to ask if a given contractor has a special rate for winter work. As this is often a less common time for homeowners to take on projects, there are often deals to be had if you’re willing to ask.