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Home Renovation Advice You Don’t Want to Ignore

Everybody these days has advice about something or other. But home renovation is one area where good advice is in greater demand than ever. That’s because homeowners are constantly investing in their homes, both through little DIY projects and bigger jobs hired out to professional contractors. This means the market is huge, and there’s actually a lot of bad advice out there. Here is some home renovation advice you can take to the bank.

1. Allow some wastage in your budget

A surefire way to go over budget and end up with financial stress is to budget for exactly the materials you will need. When you’re purchasing building materials, there will always be a certain amount of wastage and breakage. If you don’t budget up front and buy extra materials to cover this, you’ll find your original budget stretching, and may also have delays as you wait for replacement materials to arrive. All of these problems can be avoided when you know how to budget effectively for the realities of renovation work.

2. Renovate for practicality

There are many home renovations that make a truly fine and refined space. Crown molding is a good example — it gives interiors that extra touch of class that can really transform a room. But this is something you invest in when the more practical renovations have already been taken care of (or just aren’t necessary). Kitchen and bathroom updates are enormously popular because they make homes more practical and livable. Things like siding, entrances and windows are also important practical renovations that should be near the top of the list, if necessary.

3. Choose your contractor carefully

Choosing a contractor “willy-nilly” is definitely not a good way to go, in terms of protecting your home remodeling investment. You’ll want to put a little extra research into this decision, and you’ll want to focus on the reputation that company has in the community. Do they have a lot of happy clients? Were there some complaints along the way, and if so, were they resolved in a professional manner? It’s not only the skill and experience the contractor has (although these things are supremely important), but also the way they conduct business, and whether they truly honor their contracts and commitments.

4. Don’t rush the planning phase

So many stressful or unsuccessful renovation projects end up that way because of poor planning. Renovation is an exciting thing, and it’s understandable that many homeowners want to roll their sleeves up and get to work realizing their dreams. But skimping during the planning phase, and rushing into your renovation work without thinking (and re-thinking) your plans, will only set you up for problems down the line. Home renovation is one of those things where even a small oversight can turn into a pesky or even major problem ­— so get that planning done right!

A sturdy pair of hands for your job

Home renovation guidance is best when it comes directly from a reputable pro who’s working directly on your project. But it’s important to choose contractors carefully and find one that works well with your style, and knows how to accomplish and enhance your ideas, while offering a competitive bid. Remember — when it comes to the contractor selection process, you the investor are in the driver’s seat!