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How to Do a Proper Garage Remodel

Originally, garages are meant for hiding cars from theft and damage by weather elements such as snow and excess sunlight. At the same time, they are used to store tools and appliances such as wheelbarrows, shovels, hammers, and almost every other thing not needed in the main house. Unfortunately, garages go overlooked for years. At times, they become so torn, and conditions deteriorate to certain levels where they also affect the quality of life in the main living space. What most people do not know is that with a proper remodel, garages can also serve you in many other ways you may not have known before. Apart from housing your cars, you can also make a laundry room or a working station to do all your carpentry work. This article gives insights on how to do a proper garage remodel.

  • Define Your Purpose
Garage with luxury sports cars.
The first thing you should do when remodeling your garage is identifying the purpose of your new or renovated garage. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to use the newly renovated garage? What installations do you need? You need to ask yourself some of these questions before you embark on the remodel work. Your family members can help you make an informed decision with their ideas and suggestions. Alternatively, you could also consult a contractor since they have enough skills to make your imaginations come true.

  • Choose an Appropriate Paint

This is the point where most people go wrong; failing to paint their garages. Just like other rooms in the house, painting your garage comes with so many benefits. To begin, painting helps in illuminating the garage, thus reducing your monthly energy bills. It also helps keep mold growth at bay, and this keeps you safe from diseases and allergies.

  • Come Up With a Plan

The second and most important step in a garage remodel is coming up with a plan. This entails the process you are going to follow, how you are going to do it, where to start and where to end, and what materials and you will need and where to buy them. As you do this, ensure to list the process, materials, and their corresponding prices. You can also make a draft of the plan of the newly remodeled garage. Again, if this turns out to be a challenge for you, consider consulting a contractor and let them bring your imaginations to life.

  • Buy the Materials

Sit down and come up with a list of the materials you need for the remodel. Making a list of the materials and tools you need for any job helps you not to forget some and prevents time wastage when you keep making trips to the supplies store. You should buy the materials in bulk since this can help you bargain for reduced market prices. It also helps bypass transport costs since you bought them in bulk.

  • Clear the Garage

Now comes the most fun thing; clearing the garage. Remove the cars and park them on the lawn or the driveway. Then have three plastic bags for garbage; a blue bag for recyclable garbage, green for organic, and black for the other types of waste. At the same time, remove all the tools and appliances and keep them on the lawn. This helps you clear the way for uninterrupted remodel works. It also helps you expose the floor space for better working. Remember to return the metallic tools to avoid rust and the cars to prevent them from the would-be car thieves.

  • Do One Wall At a Time

Doing one piece of work throughout the garage can be very exhausting. To avoid this scenario and keep yourself motivated with the progress, do one wall at a time. Start with the electrical wiring, plumbing lines, insulation, and then finish with the paint before hanging your storage boxes.

  • Put Up the Storage

After you have done your walls and ceiling, start the process of hanging storage boxes. These include the cabinets and drawers. Start by marking the outline of the boxes and this is where you might need an extra hand; to help you lift the boxes. It is advisable to have the boxes cut and assembled at the factory. Having ready-made storage units helps in saving time and money. Besides, it is easier for anyone to do the job, including DIY. Most importantly, do not forget the garage door; it says a lot about you.

Having done that, you will be amazed at just how good the newly remodeled garage will be. You will never again do things hurriedly to get out of the garage because of the poor conditions and clutter lying all over.