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Five Outdoor Renovations for Summer

With summer just around the corner, people are getting ready for a more active and “outdoor” lifestyle. For those of us who live in wintry States like New Jersey, this comes as a big relief. The snow finally melts away, the temperatures begin to warm up, and the possibilities of summer seem endless.

For many of us, this means taking a look around our homes for improvements that can be made. Not only in terms of cleaning and organization, but also in terms of home renovations and home remodeling projects. During the spring and summer months, it’s easy enough to be inspired in this area. After all, we see the possibilities all around us: On TV, in magazines, online, and in our own neighborhoods. What home renovations could I realistically accomplish with my budget? How would our lifestyle be enhanced throughout the summer months by these projects?

1. Outdoor decks

Obviously, a brand new outdoor deck is high on the list for many homeowners as the weather warms up. Also, decks represent a very good value for the money, statistically speaking. Many people find, however, that other areas of their homes are better deserving of renovation. It all depends on your budget and goals.

2. Three-season porches

This is a fantastic summer project, as it gives you a transitional space between your home’s interior and exterior. It can also be weatherproofed and “locked down” for winter, and is useful for the majority of the year. This is definitely one project where an expert contractor is indispensible.

3. Kitchens

The kitchen is important all year, but many people find this area of the home particularly active during summer months. Cooking with fresh ingredients and enjoying tasty summer meals can be more enjoyable in a renovated kitchen, especially when you know that the benefits will extend long after summer is over.

4. Entryways

The bigger your family, the more you see how front doors and entryways take a beating. People are constantly coming and going, tracking in dirt, opening and shutting the door. Before long, our entryways begin to look shabby and in need of repair. Installing a new front door, and doing work around the entry way, is actually considered one of the best renovation values out there. It increases curb appeal, and gives you better functionality for those busy summer months.

5. Additions

Whether it’s adding a totally new wing of the house or simply a “pop-out” bedroom that gives you more living space, additions can transform your experience of being at home. They’re relatively expensive, though — and only the most reputable contractors should be trusted with a project of this size.

Which renovation is right for me?

The one thing all these renovations have in common — besides the fact that they’re all great renovations for summer — is that they all represent a real investment. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully. It’s important to consider your budget and your expectations before settling on a project and exploring contractors in your area who have a reputation for delivering where it counts.