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Five Home Renovations to Consider for 2017

It’s that time of year again. Everybody’s talking about annual forecasts and predictions, from fashion to politics, from technology to dietary fads. So what about home renovation? For homeowners, this is a hugely important area of life. It involves serious decisions and investments, and its effects are seen for years to come. The difference between a successful home renovation and failed one can be see with the naked eye—but it also has hidden financial effects.

That’s why it’s important to know about how the home renovation industry is changing. It allows you, the homeowner, to make more judicious decisions when it comes to planning and executing your renovations, whether large or small.

Can we expect any new big home improvement trends in the year ahead? If so, which trends represent wise investments? Here are a few important trends to consider:

1. The return of the fireplace

The old fashion fireplace has never really gone anywhere, but industry trends suggest that fireplaces will continue to surge in popularity, especially in areas with cold winters. There will also be a huge market for restoring and renovating existing fireplaces.

2. Shower stalls

Tubs will continue to be torn out and replaced by sleek walk-in shower stalls. Efficiency, hygiene, and a more spacious feel in the bathroom are all key reasons for this. It’s also a relatively affordable project in terms of home renovation, and many people prefer the experience of a roomy shower to that of a tub they rarely use.

3. Fewer walls

The trend of creating a more open floor plan doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With families focusing more on connectivity, quality time together, and multi-purpose spaces, expect a whole lot of walls to come down in 2017. Just make sure you aren’t decreasing the value of your home by eliminating a valuable bedroom! It’s almost always best to consult a professional before you knock anything down, as the wall may be load-bearing or contain vital plumbing or duct work.

4. Expanded kitchen storage

No where is storage more important than the kitchen, and increasing numbers of people are getting fed up with inadequate kitchen storage. Built-in “open” storage solutions, as well as traditional custom cabinetry, will see an uptick in the year ahead.

5. New entry and garage doors

Industry pundits agree—and home renovation specialists can confirm—that more and more homeowners are seeking to replace their main entry doors and garage doors. It greatly enhances the appearance of the home, makes the premises more secure, and it’s project that won’t break the bank.

Making the right renovation decisions for your home

Trends will always come and go. But there are certain aspects of home renovation that never change. When you have skilled, qualified, and honest home renovation specialist in your corner, you’ll have much better chances of making wise decisions throughout the renovation process, from conceptualization and planning to execution. Your home renovation decisions are your own, but it certainly helps to have an objective, reliable source of advice as you strive to improve your home.