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How Can You Extend Your House on a Budget?

You can implement methods to extend your interior space without spending a fortune. The extension ideas are affordable thus fitting for someone with a very tight budget. You ought to keep your design simple and you should thus building materials off the shelf as opposed to proceeding with unique pieces, which are very expensive. Effective personal project management should also aid to keep your budget down. However, some extension ideas tend to be significantly cheaper than others are. This article discusses the varying ways in which you can extend your house with a highly constrained budget.

  • Addition of Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is a very central area in your home. The extension helps to convert a very tiny kitchen into a bigger one. The addition of more width ensures that there is a better layout with improved dining and sitting space. The extension should entail a very classical appearance to avoid a further kitchen update in the near future. Consequently, this kind of cheap extension results into the increase of the value of your home.

  • Building a Porch to Create a Huge Living Space

This involves the transformation of a basic frontage by giving it some much-desired character. A porch should be designed to match the house’s architecture and it should be in proportion to the whole size of the house.

  • Creation of More Storage Space

This is a great way of extending your house cheaply. It can be done by getting rid of old clutter and utilizing this newly found space to create cupboards and shelves. You should be fully acquainted with the layout of your house in order to find the extra space that can be fully utilized to improve the value of your home.

  • Addition of a New Bathroom

This is a very cheap and affordable extension idea. It can also add the value of your home as it helps to increase ease and convenience in bigger houses. The idea of a new bathroom is feasible and it should be done in a manner that allows in more light. This is attained by installing relatively transparent and neutral shades with a very classical style and feel to it.

  • Conservatories

Conservatories are a very decent rear extension. You can decide to go with conservatories that are slightly expensive but much preferable or polycarbonate conservatories, which are relatively cheaper. During the construction of the conservatory, it is vital to ensure that the outdoor space is not excessively confined. It should therefore seamlessly match with the inner and outer spaces of the house without restricting the outdoor space in any given way.

  • Loft Extension

This is a cheap option for people who have very little outdoor space. It aids you to extend upwards by creating a room that you barely had any access to. It creates additional living space that could be utilized as an office, dining space or just as a kid’s playing area. A loft extension is cheap and it does not necessarily require any planning permissions if there are no major alterations. Moreover, it increases the value of your home significantly.

  • Addition of an Extra Bedroom

Traditionally, people place value on a home based on the number of bedrooms that it has. You should therefore add an extra bedroom but if you do not have ample space, you can opt for a basic extension that entails removal and addition of the walls in the older and existing bedrooms. A loft conversion should also give you space to create an extra bedroom. If these options are not ideal, you can choose to alter your existing floor plan.

  • Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is very cheap and fitting, as it is not susceptible to any planning complications. This is in stark contrast to an extension that is relatively technical. It is a perfect and cheaper way to extend your house without the loss of garden space.

The foregoing illustrates how to cut down costs of an extension by going for basic extension designs. It is therefore clear that planning and adhering to the initial design also aids you to operate on a budget. As you choose any of the aforementioned options, you should avoid technical ground works. Managing the project yourself, getting the timing right and complying with any building laws and regulations should ensure that you extend your house without incurring any exorbitant costs. If you are still not sure of the best ways to extend your house while working on a budget, you might want to contact professionals for assistance.