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How Do Written Guarantees Work in Home Renovation?

When you think of a guarantee, you might think of something like an appliance or computer. Most people don’t associate that word with home renovation work. For one thing, there’s so much DIY renovation work going on these days, or even casual labor from friends, that the concept of a guarantee never really enters into the picture. If the project goes well, and if everybody follows the proper instructions (even if they’ve never done anything like it before), the work should come out alright. But if it doesn’t, there certainly isn’t going to be any guarantee.

Hiring a professional to do your home renovation is different. In this case, a guarantee is one of the first things homeowners should think about – not one of the last. This may sound obvious, but it’s always a good reminder to think about contractual guarantees, and what kind of coverage your contractor is going to extend to you.

There’s also the question of whether that coverage is going to be honored if a mistake is made, or if scheduling requirements are not met. There are different ways in which a home renovator can fall short of the mark, and it’s good for homeowners to know exactly how and in what circumstances their work is guaranteed.

So the answer to our question really depends on the home renovation contractor in question – but it will always be there in the contract you sign up for. It might not be the first thing you ask when you talk to a contractor about the possibility of working together; but it’s definitely something can reasonably be asked during that first conversation.

The reason is simple: That home renovation company might have years of experience. They might have plenty of positive reviews on social media. They might have a vibrant gallery of completed projects, neatly organized on their web site. All of those are good signs that this company or individual will do a good job – but it’s not a guarantee.

A company might also give you their word over their phone, or assure you in an email that they will make it right if there is a problem on their end. But none of these things are a guarantee.

The only real guarantee is the written one that’s included in the legal agreement been you and your contractor. If it’s not in writing, as part of the contract, the guarantee effectively doesn’t exist.

Assuring your home renovation success

Home renovation can be a high stakes game. There could be thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars at stake, and the home’s financial health can hinge on whether or not the renovation is a success. That’s why guarantees are so important. Whether it’s in the terms and conditions of an online sale, or a written contract that takes your physical signature, the terms should always be clear and easy to understand – and you should feel confident in the specific guarantees offered in case of mistakes, shoddy materials, or poor workmanship.