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Featured Roofing Project: Fielders Lane Flat Roof- Toms River NJ

Below is a commercial application that we used for this residential home. This is not common for a residential roof and not all roofing contractors are experienced in installing this type of roofing system. The reason we chose to go this route was because this home has had issues with the roof for years that other roofers could seem to fix. After consulting with them and going over in detail what the new installation would require, we decided along with the client that this was the proper solution. This was a difficult and complicated project that we were happy to take on in order to serve the client best.

This roofing project included increasing the size of the roof drains and tapering the roof so that the roof pitched and drained properly. This was accomplished by installing multiple layers of foam insulation board. New Jersey has provided plenty of thunderous and extreme rainstorms that have put this new roof to the test and the new and improved commercial roof design has worked out better than expected. Most important of all, our clients are extremely happy.