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Quality Chimney Remodel and Chimney Repair Services in New Jersey

Homeowners are constantly working towards improving the value of their homes.  Not only do your weekend projects and major remodels make living there that much more enjoyable, when the time comes to sell, you will hopefully be able to get more for the home than what you originally paid. But for all the popular home improvement projects, making sure your chimney is operating properly is often overlooked. Most people don’t think of their chimney until there is a problem, and at that point, the problem is most likely serious.

Cosmetic Chimney Overhaul

If your chimney is in good condition and you’re happy with how it works, maybe it just needs a new look. How you tackle a cosmetic update will be entirely dependent on the material used.

A man works on the roof of his house repairing and updating.


Most residential properties in the New Jersey area have brick chimneys. Brick chimneys offer a durable and flexible design that will match the aesthetic of most modern homes.

Brick chimneys can withstand extremely high temperatures, which makes them a practical option for wood or gas-burning stoves. However, brick chimneys are highly porous and prone to deterioration. They will require maintenance every year or two.

Faux Stone

A country or rural home in New Jersey that has stained wood pairs well with a faux stone chimney. Early New England settlers used large rocks cemented in place with clay and straw to create their chimneys. Obtain a similar look after you’ve updated your chimney liner by adding sheets of faux stone to its exterior. You can choose from a variety of styles including river rock, fieldstone, concrete block, stacked stone panels, or limestone panels.

New Jersey Chimney Repair

Repairing a chimney when issues first arise, offers you many benefits over simply patching or worse, ignoring the problem. Don’t neglect your system or allow your utility flues or chimneys to fall into disrepair. Here are a few chimney repair services we offer for New Jersey homeowners:

Chimney Waterproofing Services

Most chimneys are built with porous brick and mortar. Over time, water can seep inside of the chimney, causing damage to the inside and outside of your home. Water leaks in your chimney can cause rusted damper and firebox assemblies, rotted wood, water stains on walls and ceiling, decayed exterior mortar, cracked flue lining or a tilting chimney structure. If not addressed, water leaks can eventually lead to the complete failure of your chimney.

We apply a high-quality waterproofing agent that can add years to the life of your chimney. To waterproof your chimney, we use a protective sealant that is vapor permeable, which means that it allows the moisture that is inside of the chimney to escape while preventing water from getting in from the outside. Waterproofing is an affordable way to protect the beauty and function of your chimney and save yourself money and hassle down the road.

Chimney Crown Repair & Replacement

The chimney crown acts as a roof to your chimney structure, protecting the flue and top of the chimney against deterioration or damage from weather. The chimney crown is different from the chimney cap, which is an attachment that is added to the top of the flue pipe to keep debris out of the chimney flue.

If there are cracks or voids in your chimney crown, this can allow water to seep inside the bricks and mortar of your chimney, causing expensive damage over time. Our chimney technicians can repair or rebuild the crown of your chimney to help prevent the need for costly water damage repairs.

If your chimney crown is severely worn, has pieces missing, or is lacking structural integrity, it might be best to replace it with a new concrete crown. We can build a new crown for your chimney with durable concrete and a design that will direct water away from the bricks and mortar and keep your chimney as dry as possible.

Along with these services, J.A.Y. Construction specializes in repairing cracked masonry, leaks, blocked chimney caps, and poorly fitting dampers. Our experienced technicians have solved nearly every chimney problem you can imagine.

Transform Your New Jersey Chimney!

Our expert chimney technicians provide efficient and reliable chimney restoration and repair services so that you can use your fireplace again as soon as possible. Find out why more customers in the Toms River, New Jersey area depend on J.A.Y. Construction to handle their chimney needs.

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