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Category: Roofing Contractor

solar panel installed on the house roof with autumn trees

Do Solar Panels Damage the Roof?

Electricity from renewable sources of energy such as solar power is not only eco-friendly but also affordable because we get more energy from the sun than we will ever need. If you are thinking about investing in this type of clean energy production, you need to be prepared for any uncertainties or unforeseen costs that…

Roofers replacing damaged shingles after storm

Reasons To Go With A Local Roofing Company?

Many people often choose to opt for the big national chain companies instead of the local roofing companies, which are usually deemed inferior. Most of the big national roofing companies prefer to work through call placements and dispatch. There is usually no immediate response and sometimes you can be placed on call waiting or holding…

Flat roof installation. builders workers heating, melting and applying bitumen roofing felt by flame torch at construction site

How Often Should The Flat Roof Be Replaced?

A flat roof is made up of several layers of waterproof materials that hang over a structural deck above the building. The vapor barrier in between the layers prevents moisture buildup, which could cause serious damage to the roof. Flat roofs can last for a very long time with correct installation and proper maintenance. If…

close up details of roof system at construction site.

5 Roof Installation Mistakes Contractors Make

One of the biggest mistakes contractors make is installing shingles in the wrong order. Shingles are the first layer when putting up a roof. They are mainly waterproof. Shingles are arranged in a specific method and if not done correctly, there would be a lack of proper adhesion with the next layer of shingles. Some…