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How Can I Locate the Best Home Renovator for My Project?

SONY DSCDeciding to invest thousands of dollars in your home is just the beginning. Once homeowners make that decision, there are a whole lot of important details to be covered—not the least of which is finding the right contractor for the job. In terms of getting your investment to perform, and thoroughly enjoying your new renovation, no decision is more important. You need to find someone who will be friendly, fair, and absolutely on top of their game in terms of home renovation work. You need a true professional who isn’t going to lead your project over budget and behind schedule.

How do you find a contractor like that?

First off, it depends on where you live. Homeowners in more remote areas may have fewer options to choose from—or you have several home renovation contractors operating in your area. Either way, as you compile your list of possible companies to contact, keep an eye out for the following characteristics.

1. Good feedback on social media and/or from people you know

Nothing says “results” like positive client feedback stamped on the company’s web sites and social media profiles. If you see a lot of good comments on sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google+ and even Twitter, it can only improve your odds of success. It’s true that some companies post fake reviews, and it’s important to be able to discern genuine feedback from falsified reports.

Also remember—online isn’t the only place to find meaningful reviews. If you know anyone in your area who has personally hired a company for home renovations in the past, their feedback might be invaluable to you.

2. A legitimate business

It’s unfortunate, but there are people out there who call themselves professionals, but are not entirely scrupulous or even properly trained. More often than not, such companies do not have offices or even a customer support line. And if they don’t have these things, they might not having licensing or insurance either. Looking for signs of a legitimate, established business is always a good idea when your money is at stake.

3. Experience and knowledge

Reputable companies make their experience known, whether you’re reading their web sites or talking to them in person. They handle questions with skill, and can tell you how long they’ve been in the business. Any questions about licensing, insurance and other important administrative details will be met with clear answers. It’s obvious that you need someone steady and experience at the helm of your renovation project.

4. Clear contracts and agreements

Home renovation companies that actually deliver excellent results—and excellent customer experiences throughout the renovation process—will never offer confusing or vague contracts. All of the financial and scheduling details, including any guarantees of workmanship, should be loud and clear on any contract you sign. Reputable home renovators understand this and will make sure your agreements are clear and in writing.

Making a choice to be proud of

The overall success of your home renovation project (and investment) rides on the decision of who to hire. That’s why it’s important to be meticulous and know exactly what to look for in a home renovation specialist. That extra time and thoughtfulness—instead of just choosing a company and hoping for the best—will definitely pay off.

Good luck with your home projects—please leave comments below!