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Building a New Home? Read This First.

Few decisions are as exciting (or as nerve wracking, if we’re being honest) as the decision to hire a contractor to make your custom home a reality. Everybody dreams of owning their own house, but being able to design your house from the ground up, and watch it take shape before your very eyes, is truly something special.

In fact, some people are so excited about the prospect of building a new home that they move through the process a little too quickly, and miss important details in the early phases of the project. If you’re building a new home, and you’re about to decide on a contractor to make it happen, read this first.

1. Make sure you know about the work crews

It’s one thing to be assured that your project will be supervised by an experienced foreman with years of experience in new home construction. But it’s quite another to be confident in the entire work crew. Your contractor needs to assure you that these are respectful and skilled individuals who will honor the integrity of the work, and do everything properly, right down to the last nail or screw.

2. Look carefully at the work warranty on your contract

Obviously, contracting with a home construction company to build your new home involves a work warranty. No legitimate company would present you with a contract that did not include a warranty; but do you know the specifics? Do you know how many years the warranty spans, and how the coverage is defined? Too often, people enter into contracts without a clear understanding of the terms. The work warranty on your brand-new home is something you’ll want to know forwards and backwards before you put your signature on paper.

3. Get plenty of evidence of past projects

If you see a lot of positive reviews, along with vivid photography and video documentation of past projects, you should have a fairly good sense that this construction company is for real. Various business certifications (for example, a top rating form the Better Business Bureau) are also key indicators that you’re dealing with a legitimate professional. In some cases, you might be able to contact past customers directly and ask for advice. People are generally happy to share their knowledge and experiences in order to help the next person. However you manage to do it, getting clear evidence of houses that were built by this contractor – perhaps even visiting several of them – is a great idea.

Don’t cut corners

You don’t want a builder that cuts corners during the construction process. This could severely undermine the integrity of your dream home, and you don’t want that. By taking the time to research contractors carefully, paying close attention to their credentials and past projects, and looking for key indicators of quality (such as professional certifications and testimonials), you should be able to find a contractor who gives you an incredible performance and exceeds your expectations as this exciting new chapter of your life unfolds.

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