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What is the Best Time for House Lifting?

If you’ve never heard the term “house lifting” before, you might think it has something to do with home renovation – like a “face lift” for your home. But if you live in the Jersey Shore area (or one of the many other areas that have been impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years), you probably know that house lifting is exactly what it sounds like – lifting the entire house higher above the ground.

The protective benefits of house lifting are well documented in hurricane-prone areas. Because your home is raised higher off the ground, your home is less susceptible to flooding events. This is obviously desirable from the standpoint of wanting to protect your home, your valuables, and your family – but it’s also beneficial from a home insurance point of view. Your monthly premium is going to be significantly lower if your home has been professional lifted by a qualified professional.

But even if you’re sold on the benefits of house lifting, the realities of making it happen might seem too far-fetched. There’s the cost, for one thing. If you haven’t researched the cost of house lifting, you assume it’s beyond your reach. It’s worth noting, however, the average cost of house lifting varies significantly – depending on where you’re located, the size and shape of your home, and the reputability of your contractor. This is obviously one task that you want to reserve for the very best professional out there. National averages are reported anywhere from $25,000 up to $100,000 or more – so there’s no getting around the fact that house lifting is a serious investment.

In terms of the best time of year for house lifting, that’s something your local contractor can tell you more about. Obviously the warmer months of the year are better for this kind of work – but depending on temperatures and precipitations levels where you live, contractors may be able to perform a house lift any time of year. In any case, you should always feel free to ask questions and gather all the information you need to make a sound decision. House lifting is a significant process that requires a great deal of trust. Your home is probably your main investment and the center of your family finances, after all. You’ve worked hard to build equity and the whole point of a house lift is to protect your family and protect that investment. That’s why it only makes sense to hire the most trustworthy and reputable houselifting contractor out there.

Who do you trust to life your house?

House lifting is a complicated operation, and you can’t afford mistakes to be made. If you live in an area where house lifting is relevant, you might find several contractors in your area who are licensed to perform house lifts – but that doesn’t mean they’re all equally skilled or experienced. Make sure you get all your questions answered, and talk to people who have had their homes lifted by this contractor. It’s worth doing extra research for such an important decision.