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How to Avoid Regret in Home Remodeling

DSC03734Home renovations are an investment of your time, energy and of course money. Whether or not you are ultimately satisfied with that investment will depend on a few basic questions. Was the project carefully planned and budgeted? Was your home renovation contractor prompt and professional? Were the final results exactly as you imagined, or perhaps even better?

Statistically speaking, homeowners who put more planning into their renovations generally end up happier with the final results. Another important factor is the type of renovation you take on. While any renovation that is properly planned and executed is likely to leave you happy with the results, there are certain types of renovations that greater numbers of people end up regretting. Go through the following list of remodeling regrets to enhance your perspective on future projects.

Problems in the kitchen

When homeowners regret their remodeling efforts, the kitchen is often involved. In many cases, efforts to make the kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing result in a handful of new, unforeseen problems. A porcelain sink with extra depth may break dishes easily, or expensive marble surfaces are prone to staining. It’s important to keep everyday wear and tear at the front of your mind when planning kitchen renovations, as focusing too much on looks could leave you with a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t serve your needs as well as the old one.

DIY woes

Even a minor remodeling project can take a turn for the worse if you plunge in without careful planning, extra budgeting, and realistic expectations of the time and energy you’ll need to see it through. From refinishing the cabinets to putting in new carpets, many a homeowner has started a project and been unable to finish it to a high standard. Consulting a professional home renovator for a free estimate can help you better understand whether tackling the project yourself is really worth it.

Electrical and plumbing blunders

Knocking out a wall or adding a new room to the house sounds like a great idea, and it often is—but homeowners sometimes fail to think about all the structural implications. Electrical wiring and plumbing are constant sources of stress when planning isn’t comprehensive.

Contractor complications

When you contract with a home remodeling company, you’re putting your trust in them to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible. Unfortunately, not all companies are created equal. Put extra effort into finding and contracting with a truly reputable company, and you’re more likely to avoid problems with fine print, guarantees that aren’t honored, and questions that aren’t answered.

Avoiding renovation regrets

There is always some amount of stress involved in home remodeling, even with the most successful projects. But will that stress reach a critical point and turn into regret, leading you to wish you’d never undertaken the project at all? If you plan carefully, considering your renovation ideas from multiple angles of functionality and market value, you’ll most likely steer clear of regretful scenarios. Finding a renovation specialist you can trust is also a major piece of the puzzle.

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