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5 Reasons to Consider an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans (also commonly known as “open living concepts”) are getting more popular all the time, and record numbers of homeowners are asking themselves whether it would be a good move to open up the floor plan in some key area of your home. It’s a real investment, and if you’re going to do it, you want to do it right. It’s always a good idea to think carefully about opening up your floor plan before you take action – but for now, here are 5 big benefits to think about.

1. Your space feels bigger

Before we get to the practical side of an open floor plan, let’s talk about the visual effect. When it’s done right, opening up a floor plan in a key area of your home (such as removing a wall between your kitchen and living room) can give the entire area a much more spacious look and feel. The simple visual effect of an open and spacious environment is highly desirable for a lot of homeowners.

2. It’s multi-purpose

When it comes to designing the interior areas of a home, you might say that the “traditional” approach involves building a series of smaller rooms or spaces, each with its own purpose. The beauty of an open floor plan is that you create a larger and more diverse area with multiple purposes.

3. It brings people closer

Obviously, occupying a home is all about finding a balance between sharing space and having privacy. That said, a lot of homeowners are moving toward open floor plans (often involving the living area, kitchen, den or TV area, and office space) because they enjoy feeling closer to the other people in their homes. Whether you’re studying, reading, cooking, playing a board game, or watching your favorite series, you can always interact and converse with others. This sense of closeness with friends and family is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of open floor plans today.

4. It’s better for entertaining at home

If you’ve ever had a dinner party at home, you know how things can get a little cramped – especially if a dozen people are navigating through a series of small rooms. Opening up your floor plan creates a free-flowing environment for entertaining, in which you and your guests can mingle freely without feeling cramped and closed-in.

5. It’s affordable

Obviously, the final tab for your open floor plan project will depend on the details – such as how large the space is, how many walls need to be taken out, and what kind of electrical work and refinishing needs to be done. That said, opening up a floor plan is typically among the most affordable projects on the home renovation spectrum.

Should you do it yourself or hire a professional?

Depending on your existing setup, opening up your own floor plan (without the help of a home renovation company) may be a strong consideration. There are a number of reasons to proceed with caution – including the potential that certain walls are load-bearing and/or contain electrical or plumbing. Most reputable professionals are more than happy to assess your site in person and give you a no-hassle bid; and at the very least, you’ll have a much better idea of what’s required in order to open up your floor plan.

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