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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home

Home remodeling is a big business in America — and if industry experts are right, the trend is going to continue. Not only are people remodeling to enhance their lifestyles at home, or to make their homes more appealing on the real estate market — they’re also remodeling in order to rent homes on AirBnb and other home-sharing platforms. This has become a hugely popular way of investing in a property and generating income. Remodeling can be a big piece of the puzzle.

Whatever your reasons for remodeling your home (many people will remodeling for a combination of these reasons), one thing is certain: You want to “hit the nail on the head.” Nothing ruins budgets and creates stress like a remodeling project that’s riddled with errors, false starts, and/or poor workmanship. The decision to embark on a remodeling project is important — but the real work is completing the project without any major slip ups.

In order to keep your remodeling efforts on the up-and-up, here are five mistakes to avoid as you move through the home remodeling process.

1. Trying to go it alone

Finishing a home remodel by yourself, and taking pride in the finished result, is certainly a nice idea. It’s also tempting to think you can save money this way. The fact is, however, that many homeowners bite off more than they can chew in terms of DIY remodeling. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole and end up losing money, in addition to the headache involved. Hiring professional help can be the smarter and also the most affordable solution.

2. Going with the cheapest bidder

You may not want your professional remodel to be that affordable, however. If one contractor comes in with an unusually low bid, you should understand exactly how that money is being saved before you sign. There are disreputable contractors out there who “low ball” during the bidding process and then either cut corners or tack on charges at the end.

3. Cutting corners on materials

A home remodel is only as good as the materials used to complete it. Make sure your contractor is using quality materials for every aspect of the build, and make sure you’re getting the exact materials you agreed on. Cutting corners in this department is likely to plague your remodeling efforts down the road, even if everything looks good at first.

4. Not communicating your ideas to the contractor

Communication is vital to the home remodeling process — and it’s obviously a two-way street. As the investing homeowner, it’s far better to ask “too many” questions than not enough. If your contractor isn’t giving you the answers you need, it’s probably time to seek a skilled professional who will.

The best type of home renovation

When it comes to home renovation, execution is everything. That’s why the planning phase is so important. When you cover off the details in advance, and take a detailed approach to every aspect of your renovation, major mistakes are less likely to happen — and your budget is likely to remain intact. Finding a skilled, reputable, and honest contractor is one detail that can make all the other details easier. Good luck!