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5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2018

Is it ever a bad time to renovate your kitchen? This truly is the hub of the home, and it’s the one room where most homeowners spend the most time. But renovations take planning, and a substantial investment. What are some of the most exciting and relevant kitchen renovation ideas for the new year?

1. Special kitchen storage cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets have the potential to really enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen — but what about functionality? Are your cabinets being put to good use, improving the daily workflow in your kitchen? If not, consider looking beyond mere appearances and renovating your kitchen to include slide-out storage solutions. They can be customized to your preferred dimensions — and if it’s done professionally, the result will be as functional as it is visually appealing.

2. Hardwood or ceramic floors

Sometimes the most obvious and dramatic kitchen renovations are right beneath your feet. Flooring may not seem as important as appliances or cabinetry, but it really is a key aspect of your daily kitchen experience, and it can completely change how the kitchen feels and looks. Hardwood will remain a very popular choice in 2018, although it is more expensive than other types of flooring. Ceramics are also hugely popular, especially since they can mimic the appearance of natural materials like hardwood and even stone.

3. Bump-outs

Have you ever dreamt of a bigger kitchen? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is probably yes. Usually, people limit themselves to thinking about ways to maximizing the existing space — and this is often the most practical approach. But have you completely ruled out an addition or “bump-out” that actually makes your kitchen bigger? Before you discard this option as being too expensive or complicated, you might want to check with a reputable home renovator in your area for a detailed estimate!

4. Multi-purpose kitchen islands

The kitchen island has always been an attractive prospect for people looking to take their kitchens to the next level. But traditionally, many of these islands have been simple and plain. A bigger kitchen island with built-in storage and even appliances can be a better use of space. There should be a skilled kitchen renovator in your area who can give you specific details about how to maximize the functionality of an island in your kitchen.

5. Quartz countertops

The traditional choice for high-end countertops has been granite, but quartz has emerged as a serious challenger — and it’s getting more popular all the time. It’s a very hard and practical material, it looks great, it’s highly functional, and it now comes in a variety of colors and styles. If you haven’t considered quartz, you might want to take a closer look!

The proof is in the results!

Whatever your kitchen renovation plans, you want to make sure your investment translates to highly professional and bankable result. To make sure that happens, be meticulous about choosing the right kitchen renovation company — and always make sure that the work being done is guaranteed in writing.