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4 Renovations that Make Better Use of Square Footage

When you first purchased your home, you may have wondered how you would ever fill up all the space. A few years (or even a few months) later, you’re probably wondering where all that extra space has gone. Extra closet and garage space is harder and harder to find.

When we look at the home renovation landscape today, it’s apparent that a lot of people are trying to make more with the space they have — and in some cases to give themselves extra space. As it turns out, there are many practical home renovation projects that can free up square footage and make better use of the space you have. Here are four such projects you should know about.

1. Create recesses between studs

This is one great way to create additional space in your home without having to tear down an entire wall. Behind your drywall are studs, and in between these studs lies a spot where you can potential create a recessed space. The options are endless. Many people like to put shelves for pantry items or decorations. If there’s a large space in between two studs, you could even put a row of hooks for coats, creating an entry area. A good home renovator should be able to tell you fairly quickly (by visiting your home, of course) if and how it’s possible to create more space this way, and how much it would cost.

2. Install a skylight or sun tunnel

Although an additional source of light for a room does not actually give you more space, it certainly makes the room appear more spacious. The more light a room has, the more spacious it seems. A skylight allows the sun to stream into your home and gives the room a more open feeling. A sun tunnel is an option that lets in a smaller amount of light, but sun tunnels do not require as much renovation work as a skylight.

3. Take out a wall

Taking down a wall is a major process, but it can give your home the open floor plan you’ve been dreaming of. For example, many families love floor plans in which the living room flows smoothly into the kitchen. This provides a space that encourages communication and is ideal for hosting parties.

4. Install better storage in kitchen

Everyone could use a little extra space in the kitchen — especially if that kitchen lacks a pantry. 8-inch pullout drawers in a full height cabinet can optimize the space your kitchen already has. These drawers allow you to see everything you have on hand rather than piling it inside a normal cabinet. Another great option for additional storage in the kitchen is installing open dining benches. Not only does this provide additional seating for guests — it also provides storage space that is hidden from view.

Finding the right fit

When it comes to remodeling your home in order to make the most out of the square footage you have, an experienced contractor is key. A professional home renovation contractor who can provide a list of good references will offer the best advice and work for your home.