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4 Big Mistakes in New Home Construction

As construction methods have become more refined, and as building materials have become more versatile, the idea of building a new home has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. The two main advantages of “building new” are obvious: 1) The homeowner has control over the layout and design, and 2) Everything about the home is brand new. In many cases, warranties from the builder (as well as from the manufacturers of various construction materials) provide safe haven from defects or flawed workmanship.

Speaking of which, there are a lot of new home projects that simply don’t turn out as planned. This is often because mistakes were made, either by the homeowner or the builder. In order to avoid common pitfalls when building a home, take a look at the following common mistakes.

1. Not thinking long term

Some people build houses with a plan to sell in a few short years. Others plan to stay for decades to come. Thinking about how family needs could change, and even considering questions of long-term accessibility, is a common oversight. When designing the layout of the home, think carefully about long-term ramifications and things that may have to be changed in the future. Considering the home’s market appeal in ten or twenty years is also a smart move – too many unique or unusual characteristics might hurt the home’s market value over the long run.

2. Breezing through the bathroom and kitchen designs

Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most important – and frequently renovated – areas of the home. Building a brand-new home is a perfect opportunity to get it right the first time, with attractive and generous designs that make the home more enjoyable to live in. Too many people have opted for “standard” bathroom and kitchen designs, only to wish they had gone a different route. It’s a good idea to think carefully about these areas of the home and seek advice from professionals to inform your decision.

3. Not double-checking the contracts before you sign

An astonishing number of people sign with a home builder before they really understand what’s in the contract – and a surprising number of contractors allow this to happen. With an investment and commitment of this magnitude, it’s worth it to have a lawyer examine the contract before you sign it. Everything from costs to delivery dates to warranties should be covered.

4. Choosing any old contractor to build your home

Not taking your time to research and carefully choose amongst the home builders in your area is arguably the worst mistake you can make when building a new home. Whether you’re trying to minimize the cost of your new home or you just want to get the process underway, rushing this process can result in a plethora of headaches down the line, from faulty workmanship to extra costs and scheduling delays. The home builder you want to look for is the one who has ample proof of success and professionalism in your area, and who takes a “service first” approach to every interaction.

Contact a reputable home builder in your area to learn more about common mistakes and how you can avoid them in your home building process.