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3 Reasons to Renovate Your Home (Instead of Moving)

If you’re like most people, the house you live in is important to you. It represents the lifestyle you’re able to live today, and the dreams you have for the future. But let’s face it – people outgrow homes. The time may come when you feel the urge to move on and start fresh somewhere else.

However, more homeowners today are taking time to reflect before making this decision. Moving is expensive, and can have drastic implications. Could renovation be a better choice for you or your family? Here are three reasons why staying put, and making the changes you want to make, might be a better solution.

  1. Location

One of the most important deciding factors in the desirability of any home is the location. It’s very common for homeowners to buy a home in a location they love, even if the home itself doesn’t measure up to what they had in mind. Eventually, some people grow tired of living in a home they don’t like. They move to a home they like more, even though the location is not nearly as desirable. But is this totally necessary? What kind of renovations would be necessary to transform the home into a place you fully enjoy living in? What kind of investment would it take? A homeowner in this position should seek detailed answers to these questions before making any permanent decisions.

  1. Design

Although you may be unhappy with aspects of your home’s interior and/or exterior design, there are probably other aspects that you really do enjoy. We all know what it’s like to develop an attachment to a home, even if there are things about it that don’t seem right. Investing in home renovation is a way to preserve those things you love about your home, while changing and improving those aspects you aren’t happy with. For example, you might really love the living area of the home, but the kitchen is cramped and poorly designed. A kitchen renovation might be exactly what you need to be fully satisfied with your lifestyle in that particular home.

  1. Economics

There are many situations in which major home renovations can generate a serious boost to its market value over the long term. Some homes were built in highly desirable locations, but the styles and designs of at the time of construction are now limiting the home’s ability to grow in value. Very often, it doesn’t require a full-scale renovation to fix these problems. Bathrooms, kitchens, attic conversions, finishing basements, new siding, and even “bump outs” or additions can really go a long way toward bringing a home up-to-date and making it far more desirable to the market. You may or may not be thinking about selling up ­– but even if not, a better market value translates to a better long-term economic position for you and your family. A skilled home renovator can help you accomplish this.

Picking the right renovator

Of all the home renovators in your area, only one will end up doing the work you need to do. This is a very important investment, and it’s critical to make a good choice. Get in touch with several renovators. Compare the costs, as well as other key factors such as skill, experience, service, and communication. This will help you settle on a truly reliable contractor who takes your project as seriously as you do.