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3 Home Renovations to Consider This Summer

Summer is finally here – and for those of us who have been through a long and cold winter, the relief is truly great. We can finally dress light, enjoy long evenings, and get started on a long list of renovation and home improvement projects that we’ve been putting off all winter. The days are already starting to fly by, and people want to make sure they make the most of it.

The warm Summer months are actually a great time for home renovation – that is, if you’re able to book a reputable professional. The best renovation contractors tend to be busy this time of year, and a lot of homeowners schedule in advance. Still, it’s very common for even the best contractors to take projects on short notice, due to unexpected openings.

What about doing it yourself? It’s never been easier to organize your own home renovations using pre-fabricated “kits” and endless instructional videos on YouTube – but if you want to make sure your results are on a professional level, many renovations require advanced skills and a level experience that only established contractors have.

Whether you’re doing the DIY route or hiring a professional, here are five specific renovations you may want to consider for this Summer.

  1. A three-season porch

Three-season porches are enormously popular. The trouble is, they’re very difficult to construct during the cold winter months. Summer is a great time to undertake this project – and if you get started early, you’ll have plenty of Summer left to enjoy your new addition. Plus, you’ll have the beautiful crisp Autumn months as well – a great thing to take in from the comfort of a new three-season porch.

  1. A new outdoor deck

This is another project that can be difficult, and in some cases impossible, to complete during the harsh winter months. A new outdoor deck can be constructed quickly, and doesn’t have to be very expensive. These are two very big reasons to build a new deck during the Summertime. Add in features like built-in seating, a firepit, and even an outdoor kitchen to make those get-togethers more enjoyable.

  1. A kitchen update

When it’s cold and snowy outside, the last thing homeowners want is a lengthy renovation process on the inside of a home that’s already cramped. Updating your kitchen during the Summertime gives you more time and space when the cold weather hits. It also gives you more functionality during the late Summer and early Autumn months, which tend to be very busy for people.

Is your next home renovation in good hands?

People renovate their homes for different reasons – some want to enhance their lifestyle, while others are preparing to sell or refinance. Whatever your motivation, you want a great result – a finished renovation that serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Whether your renovation is large or small, you want it to stand the test of time, and you want your investment to go a long way. That’s why it’s important to put your renovation in good hands, and look for an established and reputable pro in your area.