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3 Home Renovation Trends to Avoid

Everybody wants to know about the latest and greatest trends in home renovation. It’s not just about “keeping up with the Joneses,” either. Many renovation trends today have a great mix of practical and aesthetic value, and there’s never been so many innovations happening so quickly. From building materials to next-generation kitchen solutions, things are changing at a fast pace. Keeping up on what’s happening can make the difference between a mediocre renovation and one that exceeds all expectations.

At the same time, there are home renovation trends that fade away just as quickly as they appeared – and these are the ones you want to avoid. Think of all those awful home trends in the 1970s, for example. They seemed like a good idea at the time, but people quickly thought better of it ­– and those hot trends soon became liabilities. That’s not the outcome you want for your home renovation.

We’re not saying you should never consider the following four trends – but you’ll want to think carefully before going forward.

1. Swanky countertops

People have loved granite and marble countertops for a really long time; but these days, there are lower-cost alternatives (such as quartz) that provide all the style and even more function than granite. Expensive countertops are also a high cost item that is often not recovered in terms of property value. Depending on the material, some home buyers also find them distasteful or tacky. If you’re thinking of replacing your countertops but aren’t sure what direction to go in, your home renovation specialist might have some great ideas you hadn’t considered.

2. Outlandish kitchen designs

It may be an exaggeration to call some of the recent kitchen trends “outlandish,” but they’re going the way of the dinosaur for the same basic reason as many other outdated home trends: They seemed like a fresh new idea at the time, but as families continued to live with those designs, the shortcomings and impracticalities became apparent. Examples are pot rocks hanging over kitchen islands, or stacked appliances that compromise accessibility and ease-of-use. For kitchen renovations, it’s best to stick to concepts that are simple and practical, with a broad aesthetic appeal

3. Remodeled basements

If you plan on living in your home into the indefinite future, finally remodeling that basement may actually be a great idea. But if you have a mind to sell, putting thousands into that basement remodel may not be the best move. Potential buyers may have their own ideas for the space, and leaving something undone can actually be more of an asset. Again – having that basement you’ve always dreamt of can be a wonderful thing if you have no plans to sell. But if you’re not sure, a consultation with a real estate professional and/or a home renovator might help clarify where your dollars are best invested.

Navigation the world of home renovation

Home renovation is a high stakes game in which you invest a lot of time and money, hoping for a good result. When you play this game, you need a seasoned professional who has the advice, perspective, honesty, skills, and experience to give you the best possible result for your home renovation.