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3 Home Renovation Projects to Consider for September

Summer tends to be the most common season for home renovations. People take advantage of the longer days and the looser schedule to tackle big projects they’ve been putting off. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should discount fall as a great time to do some work on your house as well. Not only does the month of September offer pleasant temperatures and mild weather (in most places, that is), but contractors are likely to have more availability. Read on for some of the best project to tackle this month.

1. Replace Windows

There’s no better time to replace your windows that in the early fall. With outdoor temperatures that are often more comfortable than summer or winter, this is probably the time of the year that this job presents the least discomfort. Not only that, but new windows can save you a bundle when it comes to heating your home though out the winter. They might be an investment up front, but double paned or insulated windows are a great way save energy and thus money.

2. Update your kitchen

When cold weather strikes, there’s nothing like gathering in the warmth of the kitchen to cook, socialize, and enjoy a hot meal. The kitchen is already one of the most commonly-used and important areas of the house, and this is even more true when the temperature drops. Kitchen renovations have a very high level of long-term satisfaction amongst homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. While kitchen updates aren’t the most affordable home renovation out there, they do represent a solid investment that boosts the lifestyle you’re able to live now — while bumping up the value of your home for purposes of equity or sale.

3. Insulate Your Attic

There are plenty of reasons why you should insulate your attic, but also plenty of reasons why this isn’t a home renovation job that most people are eager to do. Going up into an attic on a hot day can be miserable and should best be avoided. This makes fall a perfect time to tackle the job. Not only is the temperature more tolerable, but when it’s cooler outside, it’s easier to feel where you have drafts coming in, thus making the job of effectively insulating much easier. Getting this job done before the real cold arrives in the winter can also save you plenty of money on your heating bill. If your attic hasn’t already been insulated, or if you think it could benefit from an insulation update, this renovation can be very practical as winter approaches.

Choosing a Reliable Home Renovation Specialist

If you have your heart set on doing some work around the house this fall, make sure you find the right contractor for the job. Ask around with friends and family for recommendations. If that doesn’t turn up any prospective contractors, look online and read through reviews to find a trustworthy and rave-worthy home renovator near you. And don’t be afraid to ask if prospective contractors offer any deals on services during what tend to be slower months for home renovation work.