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3 Common Problems with Home Renovation

The only good home renovation mistakes are the ones that are never made in the first place – but this is the real world, and mistakes do happen. Home renovation is a booming industry, and a major renovation is a serious investment. For these reasons, it’s good to be aware of some of the common oversights that lead to frustration and extra costs. This list of home renovation mistakes is long, but here are three of the biggest pitfalls you should avoid.

1. Focusing too much on how things look

This may seem like a strange one to start off with, but it’s actually a very common problem that leads to expensive revisions. People are often eager to get a certain ‘look’ with home renovation, and this is only natural. Looks and style are one of the main reasons why people renovate homes in the first place. But even more important than aesthetic value is the structural and safety value of the renovation. When important structural elements are overlooked in favor of appearance, renovation work often has to be re-done – and this, of course, gets expensive.

2. Buying cheap and/or insufficient materials

One of the most common renovation mistakes among people who are doing their own renovation work involves the buying of materials. There is a vast selection of renovation materials available in this day and age, and people often shop online to find the best deals and the designs they want most. Not being knowledgeable about the quality of materials often leads to low-quality purchases, and these quality problems aren’t discovered until later. Another big mistake is not buying enough materials. This is especially problematic with things like flooring. Most experts agree that buying 20% extra flooring is a good strategy, since there will almost always be breakages and mistakes during the installation process.

3. Hiring the first contractor you find

Pulling a contractor’s name out of a hat might just work out for you – but in most cases, being impulsive when choosing a home renovation contractor is not a good strategy. Renovation work is highly skilled, and the best work is done by contractors who have years of experience and plenty of positive reviews to show the quality of the work they’ve done. A good renovator can also help you avoid other renovation mistakes (such as buying low-quality materials, or making erroneous design decisions) that people commonly make. Overall, finding a solid contractor to oversee your project is a great way to make sure no corners are cut, and that the final result looks great while being structurally sound.

Every renovation problem has a solution

The important thing to remember, no matter what home renovation mistakes you make, is that there is always a solution to the problem. Of course, it’s much better to be aware of common problems and prevent them from developing in the first place. Reading articles like this, and talking to experienced home renovation contractors in your area, is a great way to enhance your perspective before heading into the renovation process. Good luck with your next project!