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The 3 Biggest Home Renovation Projects for 2018

2017 was another exciting year for home renovations. People have been more enthusiastic then ever about making positive changes to their home environments, but it’s not just about luxury. This has been a year where the luxurious and the affordable have come closer together, and homeowners across the country have been able to do more with less by planning carefully and only hiring the most reputable home renovation contractors.

Like any year, there have been trends that came and went. For instance, more homeowners are going for quartz countertops over the traditional desire for granite, since quartz is arguably a more attractive and practical material. Open floor plans are still in, walk-in showers continue to be popular, and new additions are on the rise as people look to get extra square footage out of their existing properties — rather than move just to get more space.

The real question is, what will 2018 look like? If the number of home renovation programs on television is any indicator, people will be even more focused on home renovation as a way to improve lifestyle and gain equity. What kind of trends can we expect in the coming year?

1. Conversions

The simple fact is that adding another bedroom to your house is virtually always a desirable statistic — unless you have too many bedrooms already, which is unlikely. Attics and basements are usually the prime targets for conversions, and successfully making one into a bedroom can put your home into a higher tier in terms of market value.

2. Kitchens

This isn’t really news, is it? Kitchens have always been one of the main rallying points for home renovations. But the specifics of kitchen renovations will change in 2018. Look for open-plan storage options to fade, and for custom cabinetry to come back in a big way. Farm-style sinks are also on the way out, at least according to many industry insiders and renovation specialist. Natural stone sinks, if you can built the luxury into you budget, are trendy. Flexible appliance setups that allow you to swap out old appliances for newer, more efficient models are also on the rise.

3. Exteriors

Homeowners are becoming more aware that the value of the home is closely tied to perception and curb-appeal — not just the interior. Look for more people to put money into things like siding, landscaping, roofing, and outdoor deck projects in order to bring the exterior of the home up-to-speed.

The one thing that never goes out of style

Whatever design trends and tastes you choose to express in your own home renovation projects, there remains one thing that will absolutely never go out of style — and that’s hiring the right company to perform the work you’ve planned so hard to do. The truth is, your home renovation dreams can only be carried as far as the professionalism and skill of the people doing the work. That’s why it’s important to take your time and choose the most reputable companies in your area before you sign a contract to make your dreams a reality.